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Live Web Telecast On 12/16/2015 On You Tube

4 Dec

A Series Of Irish Gaelic Sketches will be seen Live, being streamed from Babylon, NY, on You Tube ,beginning at 2100 EST(0200 GMT).
This was tried & worked on last December.
You Tube will be Simulcast over Google+.& Facebook & Linked by Twitter & simulcast on tumblr.
It is a Test Run of Live Streaming Telecasts, the wave of the future.


Kyrie Elaison

NYC Parade Chairman and Critic of St. Patrick Harvests Fetal Tissue – Crisis Magazine

12 Nov

My Personal Thanks To My Most Dear Friend for Finding this Article & mailing me the link to it from Crisis Magazine.

The Counter Revolt Has Begun.


Kyrie Elaison

The Story of Fr Felix Varela

26 Aug

Vimeo is used for mostly artistic exhibition of my videos.

For more Public Exhibition, Dailymotion is my choice.

You Tube in most cases is out of the question.

The Hibernian Founder Of The Knights of Columbus

10 Aug


Venerable Servant Of God Fr Michael J Mc Giveney

Tumblr(Michael Voris’ On Air “Martyrdom”On March 17th

13 Jul

Maybe the BEST Thing that Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan shoul have done was NOT to send his Bodyguards over to force Michael Voris off to the sidelines of The 2015 New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
Quite Simply, it confers in Voris’ Mind, a sense of “Martyrdom”, for the purpose of building “Ratings.”

The Trouble is this with Michael Voris, in that he will, almost nightly, rip all Bishops “A New One” , yet forget totally about Cardinal Dolan’s Ultimate Superior.

Forget “On Air Martyrdom”, Mr Voris, as you’ll just hemmorage subscribers.


“Knights of Columbus to March Alongside Gay Pride Group”

6 Mar

Knights of Columbus to March Alongside Gay Pride Group:

To My Brother Knights in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts:

To enter a St. Patrick’s Day Parade which a Catholic School will not March in because the School considers the Parade Organizers to be in Violation of Catholic Teaching, after never having been in it before, because the Parade Organizers gave into People who believe, not in what the Catholic Church Officially Teaches, but in their own Secularist Agenda of Belief in One of The 7 Sins Crying Out To Heaven For Vengeance, as if it was a mere walk in the park, puts the Order in an exceptionally Bad Light.

Fr. Michael J. Mc Giveney would “Roll Over In His Tomb”. In fact he would probably deny he even knows you.

In Memory of The Founders Of The Order:
Don’t Do It.

Fraternally Yours,
New York

The 24 Hour Blackout & New Plans

19 Jan

All it took was 24 Hours of Isolation in the Digital Age to convince me to fix a problem on this most rainy of days. I was achy today with all this rain. A day like this can suck.
Then I went to CVS Plaza in Kew Gardens along both Metropolitan Avenue and Hillside Avenue to grab something to eat as well as to reactivate my Mobile Phone on Virgin Mobile. With that done on a most rainy day, I went to Mass at Our Lady Of Mercy on Kessel Street in Forest Hills, where I wanted to reorient myself.
I ran into Joe The Music Director. We talked. Now, the Modernistas are getting the Upper Hand there. He was playing some “Schutte Hits”, which, on a Scale of 1-10, scored a -5. It seems that the Pastor is Henpecked, trying to make everybody happy, hence a resurgence of what My Most Dear Friend at Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs, would call “Vomit, Barf, Puke, Bleep, Gross, Sick, Stupid and Pathetic” in regards to Appropriate Church Music. She is also not fond of the reading cycle of the Gospel and Epistle, called by her as “ABC Crap.”
But, for 24 Hours, despite paying for my Virgin Mobile Phone Service, only to discover that the service was interrupted for want of a code to be entered into the phone, I found things to be out of whack, as Yesterday’s Monsoon Like Rain was predicted for Today, 01/19/2015.
Later, I shall activate the new LG Tribute Phone, 4G LTE, which Broadcasts in HD 1080p, over Veetle and Bambuser. Now if Joe can come up with a concert or two, the Cultural Purpose of the Veetle Service will be worth it. Otherwise, there might be some Irish Music from Babylon in HD 1080p and Pool Tournaments from Moose 1642 in Maspeth, Queens.
The idea of Live Tridentine Latin Mass from St. John’s Cemetery Chapel is another idea, whose time has come.
It will be, in regards to the Tridentine Latin Mass, a chance to counter all of the Protestant Evangelical Services now being webcast on Veetle. And that is a grand way to evangelize the Tridentine Latin Mass. It needs exposure. It would be done once or twice per month, full length, in 1080p HD.
I think that the Pool Tournaments will be on Foresthills1 on Bambuser+any breaking news.


Irish Schola The Live Video Feed From Veetle

29 Dec

Mass In A Strange Tongue & Meeting

10 Dec

For this evening, at the Chapel in the Holy Child Jesus Leonard Center in Richmond Hill, Queens, I was at Mass in a Foreign language. The language is called English, which sounds unusual as I usually am at the Tridentine Latin Mass at Holy Innocents in Midtown Manhattan. But the gathering was intimate, amongst the Brothers of Ancient Order of Hibernians Queens Division 14, as it was the Biennial Installation of Officers Meeting.
I usually face Liturgical East along with the Priest who does the same. But this evening, The Priest faced Us(Versus Populum). But, it was the Mass. In anticipation of The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a new feast, promulgated by Pope St John Paul II, St. Juan Diego, was offered this evening by the Very Reverend Father Francis Shannon.

The Brothers gathered for a Meeting and Installation of Officers, followed by a Repast.

Then it was Time to head homeward. And here I write this:

Happy Advent & Happy Christmastide!

Deo Gratias!