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“Rear” Is A Double Entendre On March 17th

14 Mar

This appropriately is where “OUT@NBCUniversal” is marching in the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day Parade, at a part where the crowds are thinned out.

“Sorry, Ellen!”
That they’re at the Rear of The Parade, is appropriate, since this group knows the Other Meaning to Rear.

Of course, the Old Media will attempt to mainstream this group, is testament to the Old Media’s Survival.

Got that, CNBC?


K of C Free Throw Carriage 2011 On FOX Sports?

10 Feb

I thought that K of C Free Throw Coverage which I had produced had only been seen via RTL.

But, in a recent Top 10 List, I had goofed on Rupert Murdoch for intercepting the coverage.

Well, I also discovered that much of the Coverage was also carried by This puts the coverage in a much different light. For as it turns out, Yardbarker is part of FOX Sports Interactive. Can You Say Joe Buck?

Funny but I wrote parodies with the K of C Free Throw as backdrop, with some insanely funny FOX Sports Parodies, drawn from both the Baseball Coverage with a bit of FOX NFL Sunday thrown in.

The Mockery and Real Thing can be retitled in real life as “K of C Free Throw ON FOX.”

“Da, da, dot, da, da, Da!”(FOX Sports Theme, Transcribed)


Top 10 Signs Your Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship Is The World’s Largest Social Media Event

4 Feb

From the Home Office in Sidney, Nova Scotia, Top 10 Signs Your Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship Is The World’s Largest Social Media Event. Heeere We Go:
#10: Your Live Ustream Feed of Forest Hills, NY Competition is Simulcast on CBC French Network;
#9: Competition In Studio Host on Rick Mercer Report Facebook Page is Don Cherry;
#8: Competition stream from Producer’s Android Phone, feeding RTL Netherlands and Germany via RTL Google+ Account;
#7: Parents in Chatham, New Jersey, using Android Phones, stream intercepted by both Rupert Murdoch and Bill Bellichik;
#6: Parents in Great Neck, NY, told they have to buy competition Highlights via Netflix;
#5: Veetle Stream in Victoria, BC, intercepted by NSA in Langley, VA;
#4: Bambuser Feed to Google+ in Finland, intercepted by Vladimir Putin, for no reason;
#3: Competition in Denver, CO, seen on NSA Facebook Page;
#2: President Obama blames NSA Spying on FOX Sports Facebook Page;
#1: QueensNY Final on Ustream, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, tumblr, WordPress, Simulcast by SkySport on Tea Party Facebook Page, hacked by IRS.

Good Bye From New York.


On My Readership & Video Viewers In Canada

4 Feb

It was during Video Coverage in 2011 of the Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship, when I discovered that Producers should not have to be subjected to the Tantrums and Whims of Contestants, who believe themselves to be on the line of Popularity of Justin Bieber, just for tossing a Basketball into a hoop from a 3.66 Metre or 4.57 Metre Foul Line.
Now, you are wondering as to why this Commentator of all things Social, is giving Basketball Foul Line Measurements in Metric Terms, I realize that my readers are not just in the United States of America, where Inches & Feet are the preferred measurements.  And as during the Historic Video Coverage of the Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championships in 2011, which despite the Assorted, Gossipy, Whiny Washwomen From The Borough & County of Queens in Both The City of and State of New York, that Video reaches way past the area of Local Public Access Cable Television Channels.
For the Coverage of these Historical Events did not merely traverse that Steaming Pile of Goat Manure called You Tube, but on Networks such as Vimeo,, Viddler, VodPod(Now Lockers), I & Dailymotion(Whose Video Stream was seen on the Website of, in short, Belgium, on Europe’s Largest Privately Held Broadcaster), I had to take into consideration that the competition was actually watched in a place outside of Queens, New York. It was during Round #1, that courtesy of Google, I had learned where my You Tube Demographics were and it was NOT In Queens. Quite, it was far from it. Despite the Alleged New Media Expertise of Adolescent Girls, the Supposed Viewing Audience was NOT in Queens.
It was in Canada. You know that Country, which gives USA Comedians a chance to mock the Daylights out of the Mayor of Toronto. They have a National Anthem with Actually Two Different Versions, but the same Musical Score. Their Head of State is called Governor General and Head of Government is called Prime Minister.
Provinces operate in Canada the way States operate in the US. Canada operates on the British Parliamentary System. Provinces are headed by Premieres. Premieres are the Leaders of such Political Parties as Conservative, Liberal, and New Democratic. The Same can be Said for Prime Minister. Stephen Harper is Leader of The Conservative Party in Canada, in the House of Commons. His District is Calgary Northwest & is called a Riding. The Conservatives are in charge of Government as Majority Party. The New Democratic Party Serves as Official Opposition. The Liberals are off the Radar, with Justin Trudeau, son of Rather Fabled Pierre Elliot Trudeau, who was Prime Minister, as Leader of the Liberal Party.
As for Governor General, it is a Ceremonial Post. Canada’s Sovereign is Queen Elizabeth II, as Canada is a Member of The British Commonwealth of Nations, the Queen’s Representative in Canada. The Governor General can dissolve Parliament & call new elections, by consent of Parliament, in Her Majesty’s Name.
The Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship, which I have watched on You Tube, tends to take place in Canada in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island & Newfoundland and Quebec and Ontario. So, as far as viewership of the 2011 Coverage is concerned, I think that our viewers came from Eastern Canada. I have never seen Free Throw Coverage from the Prairie, Mountain & Western Provinces nor The Territories. But, Canada was the 2011 Coverage Largest Viewing Audience in Round One on You Tube. Canadian Viewership was what kept the You Tube #s respectable.
Strange for Coverage from Queens, NY, Eh!  I had plans for a more Canada Themed Coverage for Post Contest Coverage, called “10:30 In Newfoundland”, with a Voice Impression of Wendy Mesley(CBC News The National). But the Adolescent Experts on Social Media, kept whining about the Multi Network Stream. So that was canned.
I just wonder WHAT Rex Murphy or Rick Mercer would say about that.


Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Is Stale On You Tube

29 Jan

Amazing! No Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship Coverage is being uploaded to You Tube. This is truly Amazing.

It was a Rite Of Passage to upload a Council or District Competition to that Steaming Pile of Goat Custard. But, it looks like there is no interest in going on to You Tube. There is coverage that is 6 Years Old up there.

No Council Coverage has invaded Dailymotion. That tends to be Home to coverage I produced in 2011.  Something tells me that overall coverage peaked when my production of Round 2 appeared on website.3302 Views of Dailymotion Coverage over 3 Years and still growing.

Maybe Live on one of the Live Web Broadcast Services may be the way to go.

You Tube is so “2005.”


▶ Part 1 Of Knights Of Columbus Free Throw Basketball From East Glendale, New York – Video Dailymotion

13 Jan

▶ Part 1 Of Knights Of Columbus Free Throw Basketball From East Glendale, New York – Video Dailymotion.

“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”…BUT

9 Jan

The Late Gil Scott-Heron, Radical Poet & Singer, who grew up in NYC, made that statement. And the Television Networks are no longer the sole source of Entertainment, News & Sports.

You can produce your own show. Today, YOU ARE THE MEDIA.

Since Apple and Google are allowing us to utilize Cyberspace, one can have a quality news program up & running, just like that. With Live Streaming & Video Sharing Services, who needs a Press Release and TV Stations.

It was during the Annual Good Friday Walk from St. Thomas Apostle RC Church in Woodhaven to Holy Child Jesus in Richmond Hill, when I heard some people moan about the lack of Media Coverage. I saw them there with Smart phones. I pulled out my iPod Touch 4G & shot away. That coverage is still up on Dailymotion. And I said to a couple of them that “We Are Our Own Media.”

Something tells me that the 2014 Good Friday Walk is going to be a Great Event for a Live Streamed Webcast.

When I produced & directed the 2011 2nd Round of The Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship, over Dailymotion, I had no idea that Radio Television Luxembourg’s Belgian Website would pick up this Stream. In this case, to have this event showcased on a Website of Europe’s Largest Privately Owned Broadcaster, is a Huge Thrill for me as a Producer/Editor/Director/Commentator. It was the Only Time in the History of this competition where there was commentary in two languages, English & French. It has not been done since 2011.

But, in producing an event like this, what I can’t stand are “Grandstanding Parents” & their “Little Darlings”, who think that they know ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING about New Media Production & Video Placement.  I had training as an Actor on a Web Series, called “Peripheral City”, with a Director who understands the New Media. Now the “Grandstanding Parents” & “Little Darlings” only know of One Place on The Web to be seen & it is on the biggest video sharing site in The World, the Most Censored, Most Banned in Other Nations, Biggest Steaming Pile of Goat Ick in The World. The Site, which I rarely if ever upload to, is called You Tube, where Morons who aren’t literate enough, make comments while unable to spell “Cat.” These “Grandstanding Parents” are barely literate enough to read “The National Inquirer”, but want to dictate(With Emphasis on Dic, with a “K” added to that word)to the Producer, & often resorting to threats of Violence, to insure that their “Little Darlings”, do appear on You Tube, because it is THE ONLY PLACE WHICH PEOPLE WATCH(WHICH IS NOT POSSIBLE IN CHINA).

My 1st Director, BTW, pointed me to Vimeo, where there is Intelligent Commentary. From there, I learned about Dailymotion & the rest is History. Why should I put everything on You Tube, when the ONLY Audience we have for a Knights of Columbus Free Throw Competition in Queens, NY, is in Eastern Canada, eh? But these Egoists think that their Queens Neighborhood will watch You Tube. But, this is NOT Public Access Cable TV. It is The Web, not Time Warner Cable.

This is not to say that one cannot watch Good Video Programs on You Tube. There is Great Stuff there, but a lot more is junk. And there are Alternatives.

Going Live Streaming is the New Way. And it can be done from Android, iOS & Windows Phone. Just remember this:

“The Revolution, Which is RIGHT NOW, can & will be LIVE STREAMED. YOU TUBE Is Just So PASSÉ.”