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20 Oct

Now hooked into Facebook & Twitter.
Replays will hook into Google+ & WordPress, which links to tumblr.

K of C 5103 Installation at 1230 ET(1730 GMT) on StationSquareStudios Channel On, linked to FaceBook, Live & Linked on Twitter.
Replay on Facebook, Google+, & tumblr.


Kyrie Elaison

Part 1 Of Knights Of Columbus Free Throw Basketball From East Glendale, New York – Video Dailymotion

4 Jul

Actually was seen on Radio Tele Luxemburg Belgian Website some Years ago.

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24 Feb


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Everybody Chill IN. Chill Out and it is Frostbite Time.

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17 Years Since The Morning Of A Dry Throat

23 Feb

The Dry Throat was as the result of calling the names of 63 Altar Servers at Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs RC Church in Forest Hills, Queens on Sunday, 02-22-1998, between the end of the 10:00AM Mass & 11:30AM High Mass. There were also other people presented with awards in connection with the Knights Of Columbus Altar Server Awards. It was the 1st Time in Msgr Sherman Council History that THIS ceremony took place and it did not occur in East Glendale. In short the Council did this at the corner of Ascan Avenue and Queens Boulevard. I was also Grand Knight at this time,17 Years ago, in an Era when The 1st Text Messages were flying around on OMNIPOINT Handsets(OMNIPOINT is a wholly owned subsidiary of T-Mobile).

Of 63 Servers being honored, only 19 Showed up at the Huge Catholic Church at Queens Blvd & Ascan Avenue. The Server Awards are on Videotape. There was no such thing as Smartphones which could be used to telecast the event live. Vimeo, Dailymotion, & You Tube did not exist, nor did Veetle, Bambuser nor Ustream exist.

What has happened since this ceremony are the following:
One of the Altar Servers who was awarded a Knights Of Columbus Altar Server Award, David James, currently coordinates the Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs Altar Server Society. He follows in the Tradition of Desmond Flynn, who ran the Corps before. The # of Servers is now at 97 Servers;
For two days in 1998, when the Baskin Robbins Shop was at Ascan Avenue and Austin Street, now occupied by the Natural Market, a 5th Grader and Altar Server called Amanda, asked me why I didn’t present a Server Award to a girl named Rennelynne. I thought that Amanda called her Rennerina. That has been taken care of and Rene Lynne Carino became the 64th Altar Server to be honoured. Thank You Amanda;

The Next, Legitimate Knights Of Columbus Altar Server Award, was performed In October, 2006, when Donald Gander was Grand Knight, legitimately honouring the Sacred Heart East Glendale Altar Server Corps and was held at Msgr Sherman Council on Myrtle Avenue in East Glendale, Queens. In October, 2008, Grand Knight Dominic Chirachella honoured the St. Pancras Altar Server Corps.
The ONLY Altar Server Corps left is Our Lady Of Mercy on Kessel Street in Forest Hills, Queens.

The Next Essay deals with a certain “Pious” Family at Sacred Heart in East Glendale, who practiced the Vice Of Jealousy, whose Favorite Restaurant, Portofino, is just across the street from both Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs R C Church and School.
These People were “Pious”, if you like The Borgias & as cunning as many if not most of The Borgias. In short and In Retrospect, this Family, now domiciled in Arizona’s Phoenix Metropolitan Area, were Jealous and Treacherous.
Starting a war meant nothing to them, even if it meant starting One in the Grand Knight’s Backyard, where the Grand Knight went to Mass.

As for the Dry Throat from pronouncing so many names while in the OLQM Sanctuary, my thirst was quenched at the Council. Before that, The Pastor of Sacred Heart was presented with his Knights Of Columbus Honorary Life Membership Card by me at Sacred Heart Rectory on 78th Avenue.
Then at the Council I had two Diet Cokes which refreshed me.

And then I went home, and one more ceremony on Sunday, March 1st to honor The Sacred Heart Altar Server Corps.

M, Eh!

stationsquarestudios – 1st Live K of C Free Throw-Veetle(HD 1080p)

8 Feb

Stage II At St. Pancras Gym-KOFCFT

7 Feb

The 2nd Round of the Knights Of Columbus Free Throw, occurs at Saint Pancras Auditorium in Glendale, Queens tonight @ 7:30PM EST(9:00PM In Newfoundland).
This time, Contestants will shoot 25 Times from the foul line.
But, this is only the case if another Council’s Contestants show up tonight.


Saturday, 02-05-1980, HCJ Murray Hall

7 Feb

Let me say that all of the Contestants of the Kings Queens Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship from the abovementioned day and date, are now Middle Aged and in some cases, Grandparents.

The Site on that Historic Morning was Monsignor Murray Hall at Holy Child Jesus Parish in Richmond Hill, Queens, NY.

Funny, but I never even gave this Historic Moment a thought until I was at lunch at a Dominican Coffee Shop on Jamaica Ave in Richmond Hill, Queens.
This was also the Era of BetaMax, Video Cassette Recorders, Cell Phones with PowerPacks and. FAX Machines, Three Major Commercial Broadcast Television Networks and the Non Commercial PBS, & the beginnings of the Phenomena of Public Access Cable Television Channels, both Non Commercial and Commercial. A new cable tv network called Cable News Network, initials CNN, went on the air.
This was a memorable morning for St.Sylvester’s Council #6194, then in the City Line Section of Brooklyn, NY. But, all of the Contestants came from the adjacent Blessed Sacrament Parish, on Euclid Avenue in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn.
There was a problem, in that the Council was located around the corner from the St. Sylvester Parish Complex. That meant extensive doing of business with The Complex. And relations were not always pleasant. In some cases, People in St. Sylvester Based Organizations came to look at Council 6194, as if it was the Ford Foundation & with some arrogance.
At Monsignor Murray Hall, three 6194 Officials were there. It was announced that there would be 16 Boys & Girls going on to the Long Island Final.
Four of them were from St. Sylvester Council 6194. All Four were from Blessed Sacrament Parish, Cypress Hills. Everything short of the “New York, New York”(Frank Sinatra Rendition) Kick Line, the chant of “Blessed Sacrament-Saint Sylvester 6194” erupted at Murray Hall.
But this chant totally infuriated 6194’s Program Director. He was furious because this Greatest 6194 Championship Moment was born from a decision to move the 6194 Competition from Saint Sylvester School to Blessed Sacrament Hall. To much of Council 6194 in 1979-1980 Columbian Year, this was like moving all Mets Home Games to East 161st Street and River Avenue in The Bronx(Yankee Stadium II). That Program Director opposed Awards from Council 6194, unless they were the Certificates which came from the Free Throw Kit. He also decried that “These Children do NOT represent OUR PARISH.”
This whole move to Blessed Sacrament Hall in December, 1979, would not have occurred had Saint Sylvester Sports Officials given full cooperation to the Council Free Throw Chairman, instead of busting his chops at every move. But then, this Competition would not have experienced growth. The Monsignor Sherman Council Knights Of Columbus Version of the Competition, is a Direct Descendent of the 6194 Competition, one I had chaired in 1979, 1980, 1982, 1985 & 1986. So, since I had chaired the Competition for 6194, with chairing Council 5103’s FT I in January, 1992 @ Christ The King High School in Middle Village, Queens, I call the 5103 Competition the 1st Descendent Competition.
Being a Past Grand Knight of Monsignor Sherman Council #5103 Knights Of Columbus in East Glendale, Queens, I looked at this Competition as a way of communicating with the Parishes which we serve across Glendale, East Glendale,Middle Village & Forest Hills in Queens. It was also the intent of the way the 1979 and 1982 6194 Competitions was to communicate with new regions.

In 1994, Jamie Jones, 12 Girls Queens County Champion representing Msgr Sherman Council at the Long Island Final, held at the US Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point on Long Island Sound. It was a case of 6194 Meets 5103. Watching was Karen Fleming, 1979-80 Downstate Champion, who also won as Kings Queens Champion in 1980-81. Karen’s Sister is Jamie’s Mon. And to think that I was Chairman of those Competitions, brings à tear to my eyes.

Sometimes the Home Base thinks that they are “The Show” and that you can’t do it without them. But, the beauty of the Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship is the flexibility to hold it in a Gymnasium, Anywhere and Not just the local parish alone. All In All, it is fun.

Next Round is Saturday, 02-06-15@ St.Pancras in Glendale, Queens at 7:00PM EST(8:30PM in Newfoundland).

After 36 Years in the Knights of Columbus, the Competitions remind me of WHY I became a Knight Of Columbus. It makes me feel Young.

Fraternum Tuam!
M, PGK, Eh!