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Live Web Telecast On 12/16/2015 On You Tube

4 Dec

A Series Of Irish Gaelic Sketches will be seen Live, being streamed from Babylon, NY, on You Tube ,beginning at 2100 EST(0200 GMT).
This was tried & worked on last December.
You Tube will be Simulcast over Google+.& Facebook & Linked by Twitter & simulcast on tumblr.
It is a Test Run of Live Streaming Telecasts, the wave of the future.


Kyrie Elaison

Sharing video The Story Of Fr Felix Varela

23 Aug

“The Silly Summer Of Ordinary Time, Ends”

22 Aug

I have to be at a Barbeque, jointly sponsored by Ancient Order Of Hibernians Queens Division 14 & Morris Park Council Knights of Columbus #566, on The Lawn of Holy Child Jesus Leonard Center in Richmond Hill, Queens, Tomorrow from 1300 Hours EDT(1800 GMT) to 1700 EDT(2200 GMT).
It means that in the Name of Both Orders, I will have to be at the 1200 EDT Mass(1700 GMT).

I wonder just how many “Hymns” I will NOT be singing.


The Hibernian Founder Of The Knights of Columbus

10 Aug


Venerable Servant Of God Fr Michael J Mc Giveney

For Tonight It Was A 1st Time Viewing

16 Jul

It was on the Veetle App that I was able to view Fr Christopher Ryan Patrick Heanue, Administrator of Holy Child Jesus Roman Catholic Church in Richmond Hill, NY, at his Solemn Mass of Thanksgiving the Day After His Priestly Ordination.

It feels good to have presented the Live Feed. It is quite good on Replay.

Deo Gratias!


The Young Girl & The Litanies Of The Faithful

30 Jun

I know what “Culture Shock” is, especially when I go from the Tridentine Latin Mass over to The Novus Ordo Mass. In regards to Novelty, this is associated with the Missa Novus Ordo (Or Might that be Opus Dei, I am not sure).
So at The Litany of The Faithful, a 6 Year Old Girl read the Litanies Of The Faithful, perhaps a  Guinness Book Record for Novus Ordo Liturgical Novelty.
So, unless this Child was Baptized, Chrismated and Received The Precious Blood of Christ via Holy Communion Spoon in a Byzantine Rite Catholic Church(The Eastern Orthodox Churches also administer the Sacraments (Mysteries) of Initiation), I suspect that this Child may not have received even 1st Penance, let alone Holy Communion in the Roman/Latin Rite.
In the case of this Solemn Mass Of Thanksgiving for a Newly Ordained Priest, who will now act as this Queens Parish Administrator, this Parish Church was packed to capacity, with Reception and 1st Blessings by the Priest.

The Child was up in the Pulpit, perhaps standing on some form of platform. Then, listening to the Litanies, I recognized variations of Litanies which one responds to during the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.
It was hard to understand the “Wee One” but I did understand her.

And It Was Good.

Deo Gratias

Vivat Jesus


Live Video Stream on Veetle Remarks By Fr Christopher Heanue

30 Jun

Thanks were given to the 4th Degree Honour Guard of the Knights of Columbus and other Groups as Father spoke even of the Cloth used to wipe the Chrism from the Hands of the Newly Ordained Priest.

Vivat Jesus

M PGK 5103

Ancient Order of Hibernians Division 14 Queens Last Mass Of The Year – Dailymotion

16 Jun

I couldn’t resist putting this on Dailymotion, the World’s Second Largest Video Site.
Video Quality in Technical Sense is Much Higher and More Clear here than on You Tube.
It was via Dailymotion in February, 2011, when part of Round Two of The Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship from East Glendale, Queens, NY, was carried on the Belgian Website of Europe’s Largest Private Broadcaster, Radio Tele Luxembourg(R T L).


Vivat Jesus!



(Vimeo) The Farewell Mass Of Hibernian Summer

10 Jun

A More Somber March 17th I Haven’t Seen Since 2002

18 Mar

The 2002 St. Patrick’s Day Parade was a Sad, Somber occasion because of the Tragedy called Tuesday, September 11th, 2001 and at that parade on St. Patrick’s Day in 2002, there was barely any joy. Various People lost loved one’s on 09/11, hence the sadness of March 17th, 2002.
What Many People do not realize is that the crowd on the Sidelines is a Family Style Crowd, though there is a reputation of Alcoholic Imbibers. The NY Daily News Internet Reports are unpleasant to say the least.
But, in the Style of The Second Vatican Council, where the plans to turn The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass of The Roman Rite of The Catholic Church into a Liturgy of Modern Man’s Edification instead of For God’s Glory, two organizations, One called the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee & the other, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Foundation, are looking to modernize the Parade to be more “Inclusive.” And The Firstfruits are today. The Mood Of The Parade is Somber. And a group from Comcast NBCUniversal, a Homosexual Affinity Group, marched today, which signifies The Change of Parade from Faith & Family to a Worldly, Secular Affair.

Actually, through the Interference of Mayor David Dinkins in 1991 & a Faux AOH Manhattan Division called Division 7, made up of Assistant District Attorneys from District Attorney Joe Hynes in Brooklyn, a Gay Contingent marched, shouting “We’re Here, We’re Queer, get used to it.” The Homosexual Group called “Irish Queers” over the years kept filing court actions. The Federal Courts kept upholding the Right of Private Groups to permit whoever they wanted in the Parade.
But then the National Ancient Order Of Hibernians ordered the Parade Organizers, the New York County Ancient Order of Hibernians to set up a Separate Corporation to run the Parade so as to free the National Board from constant lawsuits. Hence The St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee Incorporated as a 501(C)3 organization was chartered to do this parade.

A Second Group is called St. Patrick’s Day Parade Foundation and raises funds to run the Annual Parade, which has existed since before the American Revolutionary War in New York.

John Lahey of both the Parade Committee and Parade Foundation, found that the Gays were threatening to boycott Corporate Sponsors. The Sponsors were soon dropping out. Lahey and Hilary Beirne moved The Parade Committee to accept a Gay Affinity Group, with pressure of the Television Broadcaster, Comcast NBC, to have “Out@NBCUniversal” March in this Parade. This was done in September of 2014. Other Gay Groups May be admitted to this Parade in 2016.

And so they marched near the Rear of The Parade from West 46th Street & 5th Avenue.

And the Parade Grand Marshall was Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan, he who when Same Sex Marriage was passed by the New York State Legislature, once remarked “We were caught off guard”, pulled out a canard that this should bring about a more peaceful Parade, well there were more angry silent folks on 5th Avenue than His Eminence could shake a cane at.

As my good friend Fitzy from South Boston(Or is that Park Slope in Brooklyn), it is unfortunately unprintable. What My Most Dear Friend would say is also unprintable.

And I have nothing to say except “Welcome To The Archdiocese of D’OhLand”, where the Cardinal Dolan, gives into The World, which doesn’t cater to him at all.

Tolerance, My Arse! The Gay Groups & George Soros types are Militantly Anti Catholic.

Kyrie Elaison!