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“Veritas Voriscum”

20 Jun

I did subscribe, at least for one month to  the Site called, which originates from the “Warehouse In Detroit”, a Sarcastic way of saying that, comes from studios in the RC Archdiocese of Detroit from a Homosexually Inclined Suburb called Ferndale, where the Face of The Operation of Church, the Mop Haired Mr Voris, rules the roost. It may as well be originating from a Former Warehouse in the Quasi Artistic Williamsburg Section of Brooklyn, NY.

His Report from St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City, was a most worthy ” Suck Up” Job. It was as if, in the Musings of Canada’s Resident Curmudgeon on “CBC News The National”, Robert Rex Raphael Murphy, better known as Rex Murphy, had referred to “Starbucks Coffee” as “Suck Up Coffee”, well Mr Gary Michael Voris(Gary From Westchester, You” re Next on SportsRadio 66 & 101.9 FM, WFAN), sounded like a “Suck Up” on the NY Yankees Television Network, called YES(Yankees Entertainment Sucks), mostly owned by FOX, by the way(Da, Da, Dot, Da, Da, Dahhh).

“Bad Advisors”, O Great Garoo from Croton On Hudson? Do consider the days of the Rule of Buenos Aires, Argentina, when the Seminary was almost Bare and an Order of Traditional Nuns were kicked into the street including a couple of Young Postulants, in regards to “Humbleganda” Cardinal Bergoglio.
His Eminence finding ways of keeping “Summorum Pontificum” out of Buenos Aires, with a Hybrid Tridentine and Novus Ordo Mass, which folded in a few months? Oh, Wait! He never offered the Tridentine Latin Mass, as his 1st Mass was a Novus Ordo Mass.
Then, as Pope, the Ordered By Him utter destruction of the Quasi Traditional Franciscan Friars Of The Immaculate, an order with a Waiting List to join, your UTTER SILENCE amazes me in the SENSE OF JUSTICE.

You, Gary Michael Voris, are a PAPOLATRIST. If The Current Occupant of The Chair of Saint Peter was to OUTLAW the Tridentine Latin Mass, you would blame Fr Thomas Rosica The Canadian(Born in Rochester, NY, USA in 1959) for a BAD TRANSLATION of such Declaration. You would immediately find a way to pin this action on one Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan, who, no doubt, feels the pain of the previous “New Ones” you have ripped him without Anesthetics.
No doubt, you blame all of this on Michael J. Matt, Christopher A. Ferrara(Who Like You Was born in an Archdiocese Ruled by Francis Joseph Cardinal Spellman, which is the RC Archdiocese of New York, which in your case is Westchester County), John Vennari, The Late Fr. Nicholas Nightingale Gruner, and Louis Verrecchio. They are NOT PAPOLATRISTS like Yourself.

Is Marc and his network of “O. D’s” still making you their “Marionette” when the Message needs to be Webcast to The World? Thursday’s “Dog & Pony” Performance was nauseating to the Umpteenth Degree.It’s like passing wind after someone had consumed the beverage called Cerveza and eaten juevos in more than moderate amounts, while on a packed IND Queens Blvd Subway Train speeding into Manhattan. For those of you who don’t read Spanish, Cerveza is Beer, while Juevos are Eggs.

You once stated that you worked for FOX News. That report of yours was anything but “Fair & Balanced”.

And Papolatry violates The 1st Commandment.

Kyrie Elaison


The “Charismatic Renewal” Is Liberating

16 Jun

People FROM The Catholic Church, through the Heavy Use of Pentecostal Protestantism with a “Mock Sacrament” called “Baptism Of The Holy Spirit.”

Since WHEN does The Third Person Of The Holy Trinity, lead People out of The “One, True Church” founded by Jesus Christ?

This is WHAT occurs when Catholic Catechisis is anything but solid, and when Catholic Lay Movements take their cue from a Potentially Fraudulent Form of Protestantism. Religious Indifference sets in, via Highly Charged Emotionalism with Entertainment.

I met one much older man in a Starbucks in Forest Hills, Queens. He told me that he used to be Catholic. He also admitted that he was led out of the Church from the “Catholic Charismatic Renewal.” Luther’s Doctrine is so simple, as there was no further teaching from the Catholic Church.

This occurred after major changes to the Roman Catholic Liturgy, with a couple of changes in the Tridentine Form Mass, including the move to English, beginning in Liturgical Year 1965.
Also, due to the Vague Language in the Constitution of The Sacred Liturgy, other changes such as The Use of Modern Music in the Mass, came about.
The Mass by Sunday, November 30th, 1969, was Protestantized, with Priest facing the Congregation for the 1st Time as a matter of course.
Catholic Schoolchildren had it emphasized that Holy Communion is to be thought of as a Meal instead of the Unbloody Re Presentation of Christ’s Sacrifice at Calvary.

Back To The Tridentine Latin Mass via Tridentine Form of The Mass:
Back to Teaching That The Holy Eucharist is the Unbloody Re Presentation of Christ’s Sacrifice at Calvary;

OUT With The Charismatic “Renewal”;

OUT With The Novus Ordo.

Kyrie Elaison!


Ancient Order of Hibernians Division 14 Queens Last Mass Of The Year – Dailymotion

16 Jun

I couldn’t resist putting this on Dailymotion, the World’s Second Largest Video Site.
Video Quality in Technical Sense is Much Higher and More Clear here than on You Tube.
It was via Dailymotion in February, 2011, when part of Round Two of The Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship from East Glendale, Queens, NY, was carried on the Belgian Website of Europe’s Largest Private Broadcaster, Radio Tele Luxembourg(R T L).


Vivat Jesus!



After Yesterday Of “The 11th Sunday Of Ordinary Time Pt. B”

15 Jun

The Part B is the Reading Cycle of Readings of Old Testament, Responsorial Psalm, New Testament, Gospel Acclamation, Gospel and Homily.

My Most Dear Friend, she who spoke Words in regards to this Novus Ordo Church World, remarked “I am so Done With This World.”
She once remarked after bringing a Tridentine Latin Mass Missal to a Novus Ordo Mass, only to discover that unlike the Order of Mass in the Pre Vatican II Church, the Novus Ordo Readings are not like the Pre Vatican II way of offering The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass. She was in full fury when she asked the pertinent question of the morning:

We were not talking about the World of “Broadcast Row” in Manhattan. The Name “BRAVO” is an Opera Chant, not a Cable and Satellite “Reality” Television Network, where People act like the Blowholes they really are.
No, for I had to explain that when the planned changes in the Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass were to come about, sadly of a Protestant Nature, that Extra Scripture was to be the Order of The Day. Never mind that both Pope Saint Gregory The Great and Saint John Chrysostom, both being Doctors of The Church, realized that the Sacrifice was the Main Focus of The Mass, the Era of the Post Vatican II was about False Ecumenism and seeking to be like Heretics like Martin Luther and Thomas Cranmer, to make their Spiritual Descendants “Feel At Home.”

Huge Error! Yesterday, I felt like I was at a Methodist “Table & Word ” Liturgy. Because I usually go to a Tridentine Latin Mass or Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, yesterday’s Mass causes me to yearn for either Catholic Form of The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass. Guitar “Music” is for Parties, not for The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass.

There was a fundraising event over in the Parish Centre’s Lawn. It was a Barbecue. It raised funds for Technology for the Parish Catholic School. That is why I was at the Mass. That and due to Rather Intense Suffering From The Need To Be Near a Water Closet(Which is English for Toilet), I couldn’t venture too far from Home. The Quart of Plain Yogurt helped a bit, but it was the mounds of Sauerkraut which saved me from spending my day in the Water Closet. The Sauerkraut was the Delicious Cure for what caused me immense discomfort.

But the BBQ raised funds and that is a Good Thing.

There will be Macs or Chromebooks, iPads and Android Tablets in this School’s Future. Maybe, even Windows Tablets are in the Future.

That is Good News.

As for me, it is back to Traditional Masses for the Rest of The Summer.

And for all of us, It is Time After Pentecost until Advent.

Deo Gratias

Viva Christo Rey


Watch “Viva Cristo Rey Ep. 2” on YouTube

15 Jun

Viva Cristo Rey Ep. 2:

More From A Woman With A “Truly Catholic” Mission.

Deo Gratias

Viva Christo Rey


Corpus Christi Et Musica Sacra

11 Jun

I love listening to Gregorian Chant. I also love listening to Byzantine Chant. In fact my “Rock Music” is Gregorian Chant. Having learned how to read Latin at Age 7 in the 2nd Grade in my Native Land, Brooklyn, NY, in an area within spitting distance of Queens, in the Eastern Part of the Borough of Brooklyn, learning a touch of Greek, such as the “Kyrie”, truly makes for a Catholic Experience.

I listened to the Homily from a Priest of Italian Extraction, a Native of the Eastern Part of Brooklyn called Cypress Hills. He spoke of The Eucharist as Greater than anything Temporal.
The Homily was well spoken. The Music was Sublime.

At the End of Mass, The Corpus Christi Procession began with The Monstrance carrying the Consecrated Host(The Body Of Christ, With Only The Sensible Qualities Remaining) to Three Stations around The Parish Church, a rather large Parish Church at the Corner of Ascan Avenue and Queens Boulevard, in the Neighborhood called Forest Hills.

The Utterly Sublime Hymn, “Pange Domine” was sung on the way to the Old Convent, in Latin. It is most often heard on Holy Thursday on the 1st Night of The Easter Triduum, when the Body of Christ is transferred to a Repository away from the Main Altar. For those who grew up in the Roman/Latin Rite after 1969, this Hymn is a link with The Roman/Latin Rite of Pre Vatican Council II.

It was from The Old Convent to the Rectory when the Post Vatican Council II Church was represented by a Hymn, which was selected as the Official Hymn of The International Eucharistic Congress in 1976 in Philadelphia during The USA Bicentennial. The Late Richard Kreutz authored this Hymn. It is called “Gift Of Finest Wheat” and has a more “Ecumenical” Feel to it, as it is sung in Lutheran, Anglican and Methodist Ecclesial Communities, but does state Eucharistic Catholic Theology, despite having None Of The Awe of “O Sacrament Most Holy.”

I have a Most Dear Friend. She is a Convert from Eastern Orthodoxy. She despises the Modern Music of Post Vatican II. I cannot blame her, especially since I have been going to the Tridentine Latin Mass of The Roman Missal of Pope St. John XXIII. Via the Younger Latin Mass Attendees, I also feel at Home in The Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, Patriarch Of Constantinople and Doctor of The Church, with the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church In Union With The Holy See in The Vatican. In neither the Tridentine Latin Mass of 1962, nor the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, will you hear any of the Modern Music of the Post Vatican II Church.

What I will say is that “Gift Of Finest Wheat” throws the Tempo off, whenever Gregorian Chant is sung. I know that “Gift Of Finest Wheat”, a Hymn of the Post Vatican II Church Era, is rare in that it isn’t a Song of Sheer Self like a few of the “Bread Songs” which My Most Dear Friend has Utter Contempt for, but “Gift Of Finest Wheat” is not in utter opposition to Catholic Eucharistic Theology.
To use a more Earthly Comparison, it is like trying to make a crème sauce with Skim Milk. Hence, there goes the recipe. Modern should go with Modern, while Classic goes with Classic and Never The Twain Shall Meet.

At the Final Station at the Entrance to the Church, “Beneditio” was offered as it is on Thursdays at 7:30PM, with “Tantum Ergo, Sacramentum”, sung in Latin, with the Prayers offered in English, as they have been since 1st Friday in 1964, when “Tantum Ergo” was 1st offered in Vernacular. The Divine Praises were offered.

Processing to the Main Altar, “Holy God We Praise Thy Name” was sung.

All went well.

A Word Of Caution that Modern and Classical work only in This World and Not The Ecclesial Next World.

Deo Gratias


(Vimeo) The Farewell Mass Of Hibernian Summer

10 Jun

Sharing video Dancing On E7th Street

9 Jun

“Gary? O Gary?”

8 Jun

Question on Your OBSESSION With the Priestly Society of St. Pius X:

WHO Are the Five Anonymous Cardinals who tell you that the SSPX are in SCHISM?

I JUST WANT TO KNOW. So does everybody else want to know about this Elite Group.


A Break Is Needed & Good Homily Today

8 Jun

Running to Midtown Manhattan in the Evenings and Weekends can be rather tiring.
So I will be attending Mass, Tridentine or New Mass for a Week here in Queens, and that goes as well for the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy. I can head to Astoria for a Saturday Vigil Divine Liturgy.
After a Virus where Montezuma is getting his revenge with me, it is time to not run around like a maniac.
It was great to attend the 1PM High Mass at Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs on Ascan Avenue and Queens Blvd, as it was the Feast Of Corpus Christi, with a Procession to follow.
The Redoubtable Fr Frank Passenant, Administrator of the Parish, is the Master Of Sacred Ceremonies. The Gospel was read by the Nationally Syndicated Deacon Greg Kandra but Fr Passenant preached the Homily on The Eucharist, which satisfies more than temporal things. While the iPhone and Mac Computer may satisfy for only a while, the Most Holy Sacrament of The Altar Satisfies Always.
It is Possible for a Traditional Mass Goer like me, to find a well preached Ordinary Form Mass and this was a Gem.
Gregorian Chant was sung under the Supervision of Maestro David Close.
Bravo(No, not the TV Network By The Same Name)!

Deo Gratias!


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