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“Rear” Is A Double Entendre On March 17th

14 Mar

This appropriately is where “OUT@NBCUniversal” is marching in the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day Parade, at a part where the crowds are thinned out.

“Sorry, Ellen!”
That they’re at the Rear of The Parade, is appropriate, since this group knows the Other Meaning to Rear.

Of course, the Old Media will attempt to mainstream this group, is testament to the Old Media’s Survival.

Got that, CNBC?



18 Oct


It Is 01 Hours Greenwich Mean Time

19 Sep

And Scotland remains part of The UK. This was done minus any Muskets and Cannons being fired.

LBC Radio in London handled the coverage remarkably well. Who Needs The BBC!


The Voting In Scotland Is Over

18 Sep

The Polling Places are closed right now. I am following the results via the LBC Radio App. I am not following it on BBC, which is Quite Overrated.
The London Based News and Chat Station is quite good with their Correspondents in Scottish Cities.

It is now 23 Hours 56 Greenwich Mean Time.


My favorite Android App:Radio BBC

5 Jul

This is one of my favorite application, I highly recommend it to you.

BBC London Is Noncommercial Local Radio

2 Apr

They have a Breakfast Show with traffic and transport reports as well as weather and chat, minus adverts. I do find it paced nicely and relaxing.
So there is BBC Local. BBC London Is ok in my book. I can get the local story from them as well as from LBC.
But on LBC there is Telephone Chat. So that works better for me than mere show presenters. Still, because of smartphones apps, I get to listen to stations as if I was living there. And I get to pick up on the local lingo.
Sure beats static on Shortwave Radio, any day.

M, Eh!

One of my favorite Android App:Live Radio BBC

2 Apr

This is one of my favorite app download recently, I highly recommend it to you.

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