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A Humanist Insult For All Time(& Humorous Commentary)

14 Jul

Venerable Pope Pius XII would NEVER Dream of EVER Doing what Papa Bergoglio The Secularist did a Couple of Days ago in Marxist Coca “Paradise” Bolivia.
It is a Blasphemous Act of accepting a “Liberation Theology” Crucifix, which is the Communist Symbol called The Hammer & Sickle. What is More Hideous is to dedicate this Symbol Of Utter Apostasy to Mary, Mother Of God & Mother Of The Church.

In a human example, it would be like buying a Box of Chocolates for one’s Mom, which contains the Chemical called Phenylphaline. Phenylphaline, derived from the herb called Fennel. It will cause Intense Intestinal Distress in the Form of Dysentery with the great possibility of Dehydration and, quite possibly, Death.


A Bolivian Jesuit, who was a Proponent of “Liberation Theology”, where the Gospel of Christ is preached in accordance with the Atheistic Teachings of Karl Marx, Vladimir Ilych Lenin, Freidrich Engels, Among Other N’er Do Wells of Athiestic, Humanistic Stripe, who teach the “Glories” of Violent Revolution, for the “Glory of MAN.”
The Bolivian Jesuit is also the one who made this Blasphemous Crucifix. Papa Bergoglio The Secularist is a Jesuit of the Liberation Theology Philosophy.

So before Mary Theotokos(God Bearer), Papa Bergoglio dedicated a Blasphemous Symbol of Godless Marxism, with The Savior attatched to this to Glorify Godless Marxism. That IS a Smack In The Face to Holy Mary Theotokos(God Bearer), never done by a Pope until NOW.

The Brigade At The Warehouse Studio in Detroit And The Excuse:
Actually, this Warehouse Studio is in Suburban Ferndale, MI, in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese Of Detroit. It is the Home to, a Website with Video and Writings of a Catholic Nature.
On this past Friday Evening on Headlines From, the Omnipresent Mrs Niles, appears in this Newscast, telling the audience what those minions of Mr. Voris, want the world to hear.
Mrs Niles told the Audience, as if Papa Bergoglio was a Victim, that “Pope Francis was The Subject of a Pro Communist Photo Opportunity…”.
To those of you who work at “The Warehouse Studio in Detroit”, may I ask this pertinent,albeit slightly humourous question?
This question I used to shout at MLB Umpires at Fenway Park & Shea Stadium, Homes of my two favorite Baseball Teams. One team is in Boston & the other is in my Home Borough of Queens. Shea Stadium has been replaced by Citi Field. Neither Team is called the Yankees.
This chant was often directed to FOX Sports Longtime Lead Baseball Analyst, James Timothy Mc Carver, whose Prosaic and Poetic praise of New York Yankees Shortstop, Derek Sanderson Jeter, knew no bounds.

This kind of reporting is “Soooo Mc Carverian”. Since WHEN did this Papacy suddenly deserve “The Jeter Adoration Treatment?”
At least Tim Mc Carver was entertaining.’s lack of objectivity in regards to a Papacy which may lead Catholics astray from “The One, TRUE CHURCH”, is both Frightening and Unprofessional.

It is so “Mc Voris.” Just how many nights per week can you rip Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan “A New One”?

For when I was growing up in Northeastern Brooklyn, NY, close to the Queens Border, we in a Parish called St. Sylvester, named for The Pope who was the Architect of many of The Churches of Rome in the Constintinian Era of Christianity. Pope St. Sylvester I’s Feast Day is December 31st, within The Octave of Christmas.
These were the Parish Bounds which produced “The Padre Of Guadalcanal”, Fr Lynch of The Redemptorists, who was NO SOFTY.
In the Time BVII(Before Vatican II), there was a fear of Godless Communism in the Old Neighborhood. The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe were trying to expand their rather psycopathic philosophy around the world. Children in Catholic Schools really learned their Catholic Faith and learned that Communism and Communists were people who didn’t believe in God(@ Least until 1967, when The 1st Radically Leftists Nuns, conditioned by Rogerian Psychology, came to St. Sylvester School on Grant Avenue. They weren’t Nuns for too long and left the Sisters Of Charity of St Vincent De Paul Halifax, NS).
There was this Rule about Fighting near the school on Grant Avenue. So, as explained by a Laywoman 5th Grade Teacher with an Irish Sense of Justice and Humour, the story of the Saint Sylvester School 5 Block Fighting Rule came to being. If you got caught 4.5 Blocks from 400 Grant Avenue, you could be punished at school. But 5 Blocks or more was permissible.
If, for example, a 6th Grader named George gave a talk to his class about Fidel and Raoul Castro and what Virtuous Catholics they were in fighting to equalize the conditions of The Poor, George would have been smacked pretty hard by his Nun or Lay Teacher, the Sisters Of Charity Principal in 1964, taken down to Conduit Blvd and Autumn Avenue, which is about 6 Blocks from the school, and pounded by his classmates and then went home only to be smacked around by his parents for such a HERETICAL Statement.

George would deserve It. No doubt he could be an Ivy League Professor at Columbia University. He would be as Faithless as the rest of The Faculty, though actually know the Faith which he rejects in order to make himself relevant and popular within his world.

Will this Action of Papa Bergoglio, lead to a Formal Charge of Heresy? Does he have ANY Supernatural Faith Left in him?

Does Anybody care? Or are Catholics IGNORANT of all this?

It is time for The Catholic Laity to PRAY for This Pope’s CONVERSION to THE ONE, TRUE CHURCH. Everything Else Is LOSS.

Kyrie Elaison

Vivat Jesus

Vivat Christus Rex



13 Jul

And Just HOW will the People at the “Warehouse Studio in Detroit” cover THIS Up?

Is THIS Another, Sure Fire “Bad Translation”, Ms Denial?