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On The Feast Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus(Tridentine Calendar)

6 Dec

One of the more memorable moments of The Mass was the Singing of “Veni, Veni, Emmanuel”, a Hymn of Advent. This being 1st Friday, this evening’s Mass was a Missa Solemne.
For on this evening, it was the Time of Christ’s Crucifixion & the Piercing of His Side, from whence Blood & Water Flowed, as His Body was Dead, because the Roman Centurions decided not to break His Legs, due to The Death On The Cross.
One thing about the Beginning of Advent is that it tends to overlap in regards to the End of The Prior Liturgical Season.
For it is in The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass, That it is the Re Creating of Christ’s Sacrifice On The Cross. The Priest, acting “In Persona Christi”, offers The Bread & Wine, as “Another Christ”, to The Heavenly Father, a Propitiary Sacrifice for Remission of The Priest’s Sins, & The Sins of The Living & the Dead.
THIS Is No Mere “Memorial Meal.”

Kyrie Elaison!


Kyrie Elaison

Feast Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus

7 Nov

Divine Mercy On 1st Friday:
Christ’s Sacrifice On The Cross:
Baptism & Holy Communion expressed by Christ being Pierced with Water & Blood flowing from His Sacred Heart.
For Father preached last evening in regards to Divine Mercy comes ONLY WITH REPENTANCE, and comes through The Sacrament Of PENANCE. That is HOW we become UNITED To The Sacred Heart of Jesus. This was preached at Holy Innocents RC Church in Midtown Manhattan on West 37th Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue.

Deo Gratias!


Kyrie Elaison

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