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Starbucks App And The Young

1 Jun

I was watching a couple of “Tweeners”(Boy & Girl), with their Frappucini at the Order Pickup Station at Starbucks on Queens Blvd & Union Tpke. Tweeners are those between the ages of 10 to 12, just below 13.

To think that one used to go to an Ice Cream Parlor or wait for the Ice Cream Truck, tells one how times have changed. Now, an app on a Smartphone is used in a transaction.

To think that I used to think that Two Way Radios were the cool thing in the 1960s.
But, Nextel never really caught on the way Boost Mobile did, and that jammed the system.
Hence the Smartphone, which is a Mobile Computer on a Telephone.
And Text Messaging is still big.

So much for playing Dick Tracy!


Do I Hear “Cricket” Chirping

30 Oct

Between Cricket Wireless & Metro PCS, there is a dramatic difference in Speed.
So taking to Metro PCS, I got the much greater bargain. I do get unlimited 4G LTE for $60. And it is quite rapid.
If I had gone to Cricket Wireless, it would have been slower than Sprint’s Boost Mobile & Virgin Mobile.
US$60 Only buys 10GB of 4G LTE. For Extra GB, it would cost US$10 per GB. Then again, AT&T, the Original Ma Bell, owns Cricket Wireless.
Metro PCS is part of T-Mobile. And T-Mobile covers “Die Welt” from Germany. And John Legere is an Innovative Type, here in America, as he runs T-Mobile US.

And one can hear “Crickets” chirping.


Kyrie Elaison

The Gall of Sprint’s Boost Mobile

28 Oct

US$60 for Unlimited Data on Boost Mobile? Switch? WHAT?
Sorry Dudes & Dudettes, but as I best remember, Boost Mobile is a Prepay Brand of Sprint.
And Sprint SUCKS! I had Virgin Mobile, another Sprint Prepay Brand. Data on there was limited at 4G LTE. And since it is Sprint, it SUCKS. And the Network is quite limited.
So I had a choice between Cricket Wireless(AT&T) & Metro PCS(T-Mobile). Both are better networks, but Metro PCS(T-Mobile)has UNLIMITED 4G LTE at US$60 so I cannot complain. At an extra US$10, I get to text the world & still save on T-Mobile’s Simple Choice Plan.
Switch to Boost Mobile? Are you nuts. It’s just Sprint with another branding & it would still suck.

I am NOT Switching.


Kyrie Elaison

Mobile Coverage & Signals In Central Park

26 Sep

In Regards to MetroPCS:
It’s Wholly Owned by T Mobile & the T Mobile Signal & Data were strong 4G LTE. Hey, coverage via was strong.

Verizon Wireless:
Complaints from users in Central Park were rather numerous, as the Network may have been overcrowded. Trying to transmit Data from Central Park was a chore during the Papal Procession in Central Park. Then again, You Tube was overcrowded.

AT&T was busy. Sprint, well, STILL SUCKS. Text Messaging flowed all around the World from Central Park. I received a text from Europe & responded, as the Message came from AC 917.

This is the Big Difference between Pope Saint John Paul II’s Masses in both Aqueduct Race Track & Central Park. None of us had Smartphones, nor Text Messaging in 1995.

But, This Papal Visit is one for the books and one wonders just how did we do without these conveniences.

We just did!

Deo Gratias!


Kyrie Elaison