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Now Back To Eastern Standard Time

3 Nov

There is more light in the Morning. On Daylight Saving Time(A Crock Unless it is Spring and Summer), it is as Dark as Night.
And I sleep better.


Ridgewood Glendale Queens Memorial Day Parade Alert

26 May

Web Telecast Live Streaming will begin at 1130 AM EDT(1630 GMT) From Glendale, Queens, NY, of the 2014 Ridgewood Glendale Queens Memorial Day Parade, with many bands, Veterans, Scouts, Cadets, Civic Leaders and the Flag of the USA.
Station Square Studios will carry the Glendale Arrival of The Parade from Ridgewood, Queens.
Streaming at end of Coverage, from Veetle, will be on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr and Google+.
God Bless America, Keep Our Land Glorious and Free, For Our Homes, Our Lives, to Us Belong, Shielded by Valor.

M, Eh!

Played With Ustream, Found More Simulcasters

3 Apr

It is more than Facebook, Twitter and Blogger, as tumblr, LinkedIN, WordPress and Google+are connectable  via Mobile.

Yes, you will have a Social Connection, even via Livestream, so Ustream is viable and quite good.

But, Bambuser will handle a lot more than planned as it is smaller in size, but one may get a more European Audience as Bambuser is based in Sweden and Finland. I think of them as a Live Version of Dailymotion.

But, there is a You Tube Option on Ustream and I will use it on Good Friday. It will show the coverage further.

Good Friday Walk will be on Ustream. This is the 1st Time in History that the Walk will be telecast live, from 9AM ET(2:00PM GMT) until 12Noon ET(5PM GMT). The channel is marshmactv on Ustream.
Any later coverage is on the stationsquarestudios channel on Bambuser. There will be simulcasts on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and tumblr, as well as Google+.

All Easter Triduum Coverage is available on the channels immediately after the broadcast is over. The World of Digital Media is that way.

Now THAT will be a memorable and busy weekend.

Deo Gratias!

M, Eh!

Temperatures Rising

14 Mar

It will be 21°F(-5°C) over this night, but 42°F(5°C) by 6PM, E D T, this evening, so it will approach a bit of comfort.
The Winter which doesn’t want to go away, is beginning to fade away. But, over the next few days, there will be a few Wintry Days which are reminders.

Think Spring-Like Thoughts.

M, Eh

On The Idiocy Of Daylight Saving Time On The 2nd Sunday of March

9 Mar

Number One:
It is Like Late Night with No Glimmer of Sun. It is NOWHERE close to Spring. If you are in New York City, Winter is winding down only a bit. There is some chill in the air.
Daylight Saving Time is supposedly to conserve Electrical Energy, but on the Second Sunday of March, it only transfers One Hour of Daylight to Early Evening. It disrupts Sleep Patterns. One’s Body is thrown off by this move, especially with all the darkness. It is one still getting up during the night.
Now, this Daylight Saving Time practice occurred usually as it was in Spring on the Last Sunday of April. There was more light in the Morning, as well as Early Evening.
It made sense to do it then.
Then, it was moved to the 1st Sunday of April, which still had the Chill of Early Spring with Wintry Days around.
Number Two:
As Government “Talks AT” People(WHY Talk TO The People), they speak in Nonspecifics about Daylight Saving Time at this time of Year. The ONLY people benefitting from all this are the Utility Monopolies, like Con Edison, with more lights on as it is dark as night. It is now 1 Minute Past 7AM, EDT. Guess What, Washington Bureaucratic Morons? It is Dark as Night.
I went to bed at 7:45PM, EST, Last Evening, only to wake up at 6:00AM EDT. It was night when I went to bed. It was Night when I woke up. It was night an hour later.

No Wonder I feel gassed out.


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