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In 2015, “The A-Rod Get Lost” Farewell Tour

18 Sep

Mariano Rivera, The Great Reliever of The NY Yankees, had a Farewell Tour of Major League Baseball in 2013.
This Year of 2014, is the Derek Jeter Farewell Tour.
But in 2015, this Tour will be memorable from a Comedic Standpoint. For 2015 Farewell Tour of Alex Rodriguez should be most memorable.
Presenting the “A-Rod Get Out of Baseball Tour”, is where fans in Major League Cities will tell Alex Rodriguez where to go. Even Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan won’t even have anything to do with A-Rod, unless the Holy See says otherwise.
A-Rod will be LOUDLY reminded of his Steroid Studded Past, especially in Boston, and at Citi Field in Corona, Queens. Who knows just how many empty syringes will be tossed every time he comes to bat. I figure that Slappy Mc Bluelips may get a shower of Blue Lipstick Cannisters tossed his way. Yankee Stadium Bleacher Creatures may just shower him with chants of “A H-le.”
If the NY Yankees decide to have a Day in his honor, many fans may not even bother to show up. Think about the 1966 Doubleheader at the Old Yankee Stadium when the Paid Attendance was 400, as it may happen again.

If the NY Yankees play the St. Louis Cardinals, Tim Mc Carver may be in the FOX Sports Missouri Booth. What may be the most torturous end of The “Alex Rodriguez Get Out of Baseball Farewell Tour”, will be when THIS occurs from Tim Mc Carver:

“When Jeter and A-Rod…”

You can turn your sets off and go do something else. Good Lord!


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