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Coffee & Green Tea-It’ll Be The Green Tea For Me

23 Jan

I have been known for the Use of The Starbucks App on my Android Phone at the Starbucks on Queens Blvd, at Union Turnpike on the Forest Hills-Kew Gardens Border, so I have my share of Good Coffee.
But they also have Tea There, so I will be switching over to the Green Tea, which has many more Health Benefits than Coffee has. And the Tea doesn’t play rough with my gut & other innards.
I remember when Onetime World Series Champion NY Yankees Manager Joe Torre did some adverts for Bigelow Green Tea. He even did Green Tea Adverts when he managed the LA Dodgers. And in an advert for car insurance, Green Tea(Wheatgrass) was mentioned.
It was Torre’s Last Visit as a Manager to Shea Stadium in 2008. I once suggested that Mets Fans Serenade him with the chant of “Green Tea SUCKS”, in memory of his time with The NY Yankees(Who I STILL Utterly DESPISE).
It was in Catholic Elementary School in the 5th Grade in Brooklyn, when I heard that the Asians were noted for drinking Green Tea, which we had not ever seen in the USA, especially NOT in the 1960s. They never put Sugar in the Green Tea, to protect its’ Delicate Flavor.
But, in the 21st Century, I drink Green Tea. And It Doesn’t SUCK, Not in The Least Bit. And as soon as this Blizzard ends here, Green Tea will be my Beverage Of Choice, with all of the Health Benefits & Refreshing Taste to it.


Kyrie Elaison

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