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Vimeo Remains Along With Veetle, Bambuser

7 Jun

Plus when is hooked up, will rarely be used. You Tube will NOT be used except for carriage repeat from  Dailymotion will be Vimeo Backup.
Vimeo Streams, will be fed to Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Google+ and Pinterest. Ditto, Dailymotion.
You Tube Streams from will follow Vimeo Setup. Ustream will be also follow the stream setup.

But, Vimeo is the Prime Video Streaming Network. Veetle is the Primary Live Network Streaming Feed.

M, Eh!

Perhaps, Why I Am Not A Fan Of

28 May

This is the Video Streaming Network which is said to be the biggest thing since You Tube and the Best Live Streaming Network. But, the Video Quality from a Technical Stand Point, is not the Best in the world. It has a Public Access Cable Channel Feel to it. Yet, People flock to it because it is so big. Just Like You Tube, Bigger is always better.
Well, I don’t think so. I was an iOS user for the longest of time, if only because I had been a user of Mac OS 9.2.2 & Mac OS X(10 .0 through 10.5.8), so iOS fit quite well. was a big app a few years ago. So was and is  I heard of neither nor
But, in June of last year, I went to Android 4.0.4, via Sprint Owned Virgin Mobile USA. And the option of going live came about.  Earlier this year I downloaded, Veetle and Bambuser. is for Documentaries and News. Veetle is a service which can host almost anything and people do tune into your show while one is broadcasting. tends to be for Video Bloggers and CBS News Live Feeds, which means the Pros.
Veetle is my primary network. Bambuser serves as the 2nd network.
As far as is concerned, perhaps some “Warholian Erotica” is the Next Project. Date and Time TBA.
M, EH!

1657 & 2034 Hours ET Are Times

7 May

At 1657 Hours EDT(2157 GMT), an Activation Email arrived.
At 2034 Hours EDT(0134 GMT), I activated a programme from the Email. is the New “Network II”, of the Live Video Streaming Network Setup. Veetle is “Network I”, with Bambuser being the Backup Network to Veetle &, as “Network III.”
All Three Networks come under “Station Square Studios”, based in Forest Hills, in Central Queens. Bambuser will be used but Networks 1 & 2(Veetle and Justin. tv)are for major events and documentaries. Bambuser will be for documentary and breaking news. IV), will be for a certain artistic presentation of a Warholian Style.  It may be plain or simply outrageous, but in the style of Andy Warhol. is now up.

M, Eh! Added As Third Network

6 May

As for, that will be relegated to the status of when something outrageous(Warholian) is done. After all, Veetle has been the Web Telecast Home to the Concerts at Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church in Forest Hills Queens NY as well as test broadcasts and one quick documentary in Brooklyn. On Veetle, there is more of a tendency to actually watch the programme live. Watching the replay gets few views.  Bambuser got several live views on the Premiere Broadcast and picked up a few replay views, but the next few broadcasts relied on replay viewers. In the case of, which the tech writers practically declare to be the Next You Tube, views were very few. was on my iPod Touch 4G, so it has returned.
My “STAGS Gone” Special, for the Alumni from St. Agnes Boys High School, which folded last June, drew good replay #s on Bambuser, but it looks like it may be headed to Veetle, where there is a chance that a # will watch it live and on relay and repeat. Bambuser has served as Backup Network and the views are coming in for “STAGS Gone.” Part II of that show will be live on either Veetle, or may open the new Feed, being fed to Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and tumblr, as well as You Tube. is well known & it is good to have it return to the Lineup.
The Programs will be fed to You Tube.
Over on, having done “The Fiefdom Called St. Sylvester School”, numbers rose all of a sudden, even when not using Facebook, but using Google+ & tumblr. So, I do tend towards Veetle as my #1 Network.
It looks like Veetle as #1.

M, Eh!

From Now On, No

5 May

I find Veetle to be a great place for Cultural Occurrences. Bambuser is a Fine Backup Network.

I have read that the biggest place to be viewed is on I, on the other hand, find that Ustream is like You Tube, in short, Highly Overrated.  The video quality is much better on Veetle. There are actually more people who tune into Veetle. Bambuser is also quite good. The viewers on both streaming networks look for something different from the Broadcast Networks.

So unless I do something on the lines of Andy Warhol, Ustream is out of the picture.

The next broadcast of a Classical Music Nature, will be either Sunday, June 8th or Saturday, June 7th, 2014, at 7:30PM ET(0030 GMT). In either case, Veetle is my 1st Choice, with Bambuser as Backup Network.

One thing is been constant is that on Veetle, I do see who is watching, and the #s are pretty good. Ustream is a waste of time unless one is CBS News. This is an experimental business so I will go wherever the programming I produce, is actually watched, not what some tech writer says. I found that to be true with Vimeo, Dailymotion and You Tube.

One Size Does NOT Fit All.

M, Eh!

Check this video! NYC Metro Harps

4 May

Tumblr Broadcast Reminder

4 May

Tomorrow is NYC MetroHarps Concert

4 May

At 2PM, ET(1900 GMT), “NYC MetroHarps”, a collective of Harp Concert Musicians, will play a Live Concert at Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church in Forest Hills, Queens, NY.
This is being done to raise funds for a Baby Grand Piano for Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church, a Parish with a Great Reputation for Classical Music Performances.

For those of you who cannot make it to the Parish, the Concert will be Live Streamed on the marshmactv Channel on, with replays available on, Facebook, Google+,twitter and tumblr.
If there is tactical trouble with, then the Primary Network,, with the above replay networks, will be used for the telecast, on the stationsquarestudios Channel and the Channel is spelled that way.
If the signal is as bad as it was last Sunday Night, the stationsquarestudios Channel on, will go live with the above replay networks in operation. But do look for it at first on the marshmactv Channel on with the abovementioned replay networks.
M, Eh!