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All Saints Day Tridentine Latin Mass & A “Marathon”

2 Nov

As My Most Dear Friend says, to which I heartily concur, the Liturgical Muzak at the Missa Novus Ordo, is Treacly and “Does NOT Draw In.” And so, as I make my journey via the IND Queens Blvd 6th Avenue F Train, running as a Local, I am making my way to Holy Innocents RC Church in Midtown Manhattan on West 37th Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue, in order to avoid the Treacly Musical Creature called “Pukeasaurus Rex.” “Table Of Plenty” does not cut it, in English, nor Latin, as it is “Pure Schutte”, as in a former member of the St. Louis Jesuits, writers of Treacly Muzak, which could lead to rather lengthy queues at Parish Vomitaria, with varying waiting times.
After Mets 2nd Baseman Dan Murphy’s Imitation of Red Sox 1st Baseman Bill Buckner at Citi Field in Game 4 of the 2015 World Series, queues at the Citi Field Vomitariums were lengthy. Buckner at least had a major excuse, in that he was injured. Murphy realized that he is a Free Agent, and may have been careless. Cespides is an oversized Bobby Bonilla Type with little Mobility.
So hence I headed to Holy Innocents & heard Mass in Latin. The Epistle was from The Apocalypse According To St. John Apostle. The Gospel According to St. Matthew was The Beatitudes. Fr Leonard Villa, Pastor, offered the Mass.
As FOX Sports has a Super Day of Sports on the Schedule, with an NFL Game in London, UK at 9:30AM EST(The Clocks Went back an hour), at 1PM with the NY Football Giants & 4:15PM with Dallas, followed by Game 5 of the 2015 World Series between the NY Mets & KC Royals from Citi Field in Corona, Queens, beginning at 8PM Eastern, it will be a long haul for FOX Sports. As this is the 1st Sunday in November, ESPN is carrying the NYC Marathon at 10AM EST.

At 10:30AM EST, an Ecclesiastical Marathon occurred at Holy Innocents RC Church in Midtown Manhattan on West 37th Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue, as it was The Tridentine Latin Mass for All Saints Day, lasting from 10:30AM to 12Noon, The Angelus in English, followed by a Coffee Hour which stretched until 2:30PM, followed by The Rosary(In English), Vespers for All Saints Day(Latin), and Vespers For All Souls Day in Latin.
Yes, The Race was long, but I am glad to have completed it. And I am Tired.
Deo Gratias!


Kyrie Elaison

Greek Catholic Church, Latin Rite Catholic Church

29 Jun

Last Evening, it was the Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom in Holy Cross Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.
This Liturgy is a Most Interesting Form of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass. It is a True Prayer of Supplication. Absolutely No Junk is Sung. Marty Haugen and David Haas do not stand a chance in the Byzantine Rite. Besides, their Style of Liturgical Music would be declared to be Torture by the Geneva Convention. Hence, accordingto a Very Tall Priest who was raised on Manse Street in Forest Hills, Queens, “Camp Music”, in this case, as a certain NY Mets Television Commentator would say, is “Outta Here.”
For on the Third Sunday After Pentecost, it is called “The Sunday of The Christ, Lover of All Mankind.” For His Death on The Cross, His Mother Mary, called Theotokos(God Bearer), was at The Foot of The Cross, When He Died. This is the case of The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church of The Byzantine Rite. It is also Feast of The Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul. For on this day, the Apostle’s Fast is Broken, for Simon Peter tells The Christ that He is The Son of God.
For The Christ, He tells Simon Peter that “Thou Art Peter and Upon This Rock, I will Build My Church and The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail Against It.”
Where does Paul fit into it? He carries the Word in The Middle East.
Both Saints Peter and Paul die in Rome, with Peter Crucified upside down, while Paul is Beheaded.
The 1st Patriarch of Antioch is Saint Peter.
The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church is 22 Sui Juris Churches, But One Church.
Anytime I cross from Latin Rite to Byzantine Rite, I become fully aware of the Universality of The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. We as Catholics, have “Two Lungs”, East and West to breathe with. Not everything is in Latin, for the 1st 300 Years of The Catholic Church, the Official Language was Greek.
For worshipping God In Three Persons, is interesting in two Rites of One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.
Thank You Lord, I needed that. Strong Liturgy Inspires Divine Love. Mass was in Latin today, Truly Inspiring!

M, Eh!

Boy Scouts To March In The Square Peg In Round Hole Pride Parade In NYC

29 Jun

Okay, this is something where new language is employed to confuse people into thinking that something is Good, when it is not Good.
A Square Peg simply does not easily fit into a Round Hole, unless modification is made of the Square Peg and Round Hole.
Pride, in this case, leaves out the qualifying word, which is Gay.
Gay, in this case, does not connotate Joy or Happiness.

The Ultimate in Irony is occurring, with Boy Scouts marching in the Gay Pride Parade. Ditto, two rather Radical Roman Catholic Church Parishes are marching as well.

I just want to puke.

M, Eh!

The 2013 World Series Championship Boston Red Sox Trophy in NYCNYC

28 Jun

Boston Red Sox World Series Championship 2013 Trophy

27 Jun

My Most Dear Friend and The Live Broadcast From East Glendale, NY

27 Jun

This was an Historical Evening and it was Live on The Live Streaming Telecast came from the Parish Hall of Sacred Heart of Jesus R C Church in East Glendale, Queens, a Stone’s Toss away from Forest Hills, somewhere across the Great Divide called Woodhaven Boulevard.
But, during my great crisis of 2013, a Woman who is a Convert to the Catholic Faith, noticed that I was in great pain from Bursitis. She approached me and said “Jesus Loves You-Jesus Wants Us to be Friends.” She supplied me with something to relieve the pain. It was a Homeopathic Remedy which worked.  This grew into a Friendship and many intelligent CATHOLIC DOCTRINAL Discussions, as She is a Convert from Greek Orthodoxy.
But last year, She spoke on my behalf to the Brother Knights, who I once led as Grand Knight from 1996 to 1998. The Knights of Columbus at Msgr Sherman Council 5103, in cooperation with Ancient Order of Hibernians Division 14Queens County, aided in setting up a Fund to aid a Distressed Brother.
They aided me with $100 for my personal use. Two Days later, the Woman, now known as My Most Dear Friend, handed me extra money and spoke these very words:

“Go Buy The Phone.”
For Members of Msgr Sherman Council Knights of Columbus 5103, My Most Dear Friend was given the title of “Guardian Angel of Past Grand Knight Michael Leggett.” Something was beginning to click.

So, on Tuesday, June 24th, 2014, History was made when the Camera on the Android Phone synced with the App and Station Square Studios transmitted the 1st Live Broadcast from East Glendale, which lasted for 43 Minutes. The 1st Guest to appear was the Pastor of Our Lady of Mercy, Reverend Msgr John A. Mc Guirl, currently a member of The Council followed by a Group of Council Honorees.

But, had this extra money not been given, there might not be the Classical Concerts From Forest Hills Our Lady of Mercy Parish on Station Square Studios One(Veetle) or the Recognition Night Live Broadcast on Station Square Studios 2(

To My Brothers Knights and Hibernians and To My Most Dear Friend, a Parishioner of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs-Forest Hills, I say these words in Gratitude;

Ad Multos Annos;
Deo Gratias!

M, PGK, Eh!

Bambuser | The Recognition Night of The Msgr Sherman Council Knights of Columbus #5103

25 Jun

Channel – Veetle mobile 2014 Ridgewood Glendale Memorial Day Parade

27 May

Live Versus You Tube

27 May

With Videos on You Tube, Vimeo, & Dailymotion, one can edit before going onto these services and put on a polished product.
When one presents a Live Video Stream, what one sees is what one receives. This was the case of the last two days on with Memorial Day Parades in Forest Hills and Glendale, Queens, it was all Live, with just titling and Metadata and that was it. Pressing the Video Camera Icon on the Veetle App, sent the Video Streaming Live. And People do watch the stream. And more watch the stream on replay. There is no need to upload to You Tube, Vimeo or Dailymotion.
Two Days of Parades sent Live to the web, beats waiting for a Television Station to send a News Crew. It is so simple to download the app and broadcast the feed. You are your own Network.

M, Eh!

New Way To Feed The Veetle And Bambuser Broadcasts

26 May

What I will do is after the broadcast, is to shoot the Feed over to Facebook. From there, I open the feed to return me to Veetle or Bambuser. I get taken to a Streamable Version of the Telecast. From there, the telecast replay is fed to Google+, Blogger, tumblr and WordPress, as well as Twitter.
Not unlike feeding a Television Network.
M, Eh!