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Dailymotion(Vimeo Is The Back Up)

4 Aug

As far as I am concerned, any Video Production which is not a Live Video Sharing Production, will be headed to Dailymotion. The Number 2 Service is Vimeo. Both are Good Quality Video Sharing Services.

I refuse to be a Lemming by following the You Tube Paradigm. You Tube is a good place to end up in Oblivion.

It was via Dailymotion in 2011 when Second Round Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship Coverage was linked from Dailymotion to the Belgian Website of Europe’s Largest Privately Owned Broadcaster, RTL, when I had produced and directed the Competition Videos. It has not occurred since then. And Dailymotion outdrew the You Tube Version of The Coverage. The Competition received a rather unique form of Recognition.

Why Mess with Success? There was an Audience out there which went untapped until 2011.

The Same can be said for Vimeo. Someone shot a Video of a Tornado touching down in The Rockaways in Queens. I shot a Video of The Aftermath plus Storm Clouds and uploaded it to Vimeo. I ended up with over 500 Views on Vimeo. There was an Audience not caring to watch You Tube. The You Tube Video got picked up by The Weather Channel. Mine was not but getting over 500 Views on Vimeo was cool.

I don’t need You Tube.


Most Catholic Video Content To Be Live

4 Jul

You Tube, which is so “2005”, is overcrowded with anything and everything.
If I do a Short Catholic Themed Video, it will go over both Dailymotion and Vimeo, as more intelligent viewers tend to head there.
In fact, most Catholic Themed Events will be telecast live via Bambuser, Veetle and Streamago(Streamera).
There will also be Audio Streaming via Spreaker Studio over Facebook and Google+.

New Technology to get “The Word” out there. Louie Verrecchio uses Vimeo, where there is Intelligent Audiences out there, as well as better quality. And lately, some Knights of Columbus Councils are actually using Dailymotion. I use both services.

You Tube is so “Yesterday.” A Two Part Video called “The Visiting Priest” has loads of viewers on Dailymotion, yet was all but ignored on You Tube, “The Digital Idiot Box”, laced with junk, just like on the TV Networks. I just don’t like competing with Videos about Flatulent Cats.

I think you get the idea. Just because some former FOX News Producer broadcasts from a Warehouse Studio in The Detroit Suburb of Ferndale, MI, doesn’t mean that I have to do the You Tube thing. That’s his business.

And there will be audiences of a more thinking nature.


With Dailymotion & Vimeo, You Tube Not Needed

16 Jun

In fact, Vimeo came 1st, followed by What is now Dailymotion. Both are far less pedestrian and more artistic. In fact on both these great networks, the Super Production of the 2011 Presentation of the Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship from Forest Hills, East Glendale, Astoria, and East Elmhurst, Queens, NY, had a nice, Artistic Flavor to it.
Unfortunately, the “My Daughter Is Such A Free Throw Basketball Superstar Parents From The Netherworld”, got You Tube into that package. It should be noted that in the quest for You Tube Fame, fell flat, while the 2011 Coverage on Vimeo and Dailymotion, rolled up huge #s. The coverage survives currently on Dailymotion and is still watched, somewhere in the world, often in places where You Tube is banished.

Which is WHY I prefer uploading the occasional video to either service over landing where everyone else is. One gets noticed by standing out from the Crowd. Vimeo and Dailymotion are made for those who like to be cutting edge. The 2nd Round K of C Free Throw Basketball Championship from East Glendale, NY, on Dailymotion, was carried on Radio Tele Luxembourg’s Website in Belgium under Sports Coverage. Now, THAT Is Cutting Edge. You Tube is plain old Status Quo Pedestrian.You Tube is, as I found out during the 2011 K of C Free Throw Basketball Championship Coverage, tends to think that they own every sound heard. I don’t need that, plus the assorted bozos who make various unintelligible comments. One even sent me a link as “iGirl” with a link to her brother, dancing in his undershorts. Good Night, You Tube.


Tomorrow Is The Porting To A Higher Level

22 Jan

Full Service on Sprint’s Virgin Mobile USA will be switched from the Kyocera EVENT, lower end Android 4.0.4(Ice Cream Sandwich) Smartphone to the Higher End LG Tribute Smartphone, running on Google’s Android 4.4.2(Kit Kat Bar), also on Sprint’s Virgin Mobile USA System.
What is interesting is that Sprint’s Virgin Mobile USA Prepaid System, with a great set of plans at a Reasonable Price of US$35+NY State and City Sales Tax, making it US$38.11, gives me unlimited data and text, with 4G LTE Speeds for Data for 2.5 GB, and 3G Afterwards. I did get the LG Tribute Smartphone for $65.32(NY State and City Sales Tax Added). But, LG is a Higher End Android Smartphone and Tablet+I get more screen with this phone. Kyocera is now putting out higher end equipment.
As far as the Kyocera EVENT is concerned, it has worked well. It will continue to be used, mostly as a Small Tablet, so it won’t just collect dust.
For the Longest Of Time, I used Apple’s iOS and Mac OS X, as well as Classic Mac 9.1.1 to 9.2.2, but I do enjoy using Android, which is a form of UNIX called LINUX. Microsoft should just shut their Windows and stop letting in all their Viruses and Bugs, though Windows Phone 8.1, may be an option down the road. I even considered it, this time around.
Like the Apple iPod Touch 4G, the Kyocera EVENT was a proverbial workhorse. Hey, it was used a load of times to bring live video web broadcasts over Veetle, Bambuser and Ustream. That couldn’t be done on the iPod Touch 4G, because Wi Fi Networks were unavailable. But, on the LG Tribute Smartphone, Video will be available in 1080p HD, which are broadcast standards for many of the Major Broadcast Networks in the USA, Canada and Europe. Imagine Live Video in HD 1080p. The Picture will almost jump out at you.
The New Era begins shortly. It should be memorable.

M, Eh!

For The LC Tribute From Virgin Mobile

16 Jan

Only WordPress, Veetle, Bambuser, Google Docs, Tune In Radio and Vimeo, will come over.
The Phone, while HD 1080p & 4G LTE and High Speed with 4X the space of the Kyocera Revolt, will be used for mostly live broadcasts, but an occasional short Vimeo Video. Maybe Dailymotion will come over as well. Then, again, maybe not.
I don’t need any others except, perhaps CBC News from Canada.

Virgin Mobile by Sprint is the Best Prepaid Service. It is full service just like AT & T Mobility. All I need is data and text, with some calling ability.

M, Eh!

Harpist Tomina Parvanova(Live From Our Lady Of Mercy RC Church Forest Hills, NY)

29 Dec

“Sunday Night Standards”(06/08/2014)

29 Dec

Sunday June 8th, 2014 “Sunday Night Opera”

29 Dec

“La Boheme” The Great Rehearsal

29 Dec

iPad For Video, Beats Android & A Laptop

9 Dec

My plan is to keep the Android Mobile Phone, which at $38.11 per month+all those Wi Fi Spots, is a bargain from Sprint’s Virgin Mobile USA. All live video productions will come via the Android Mobile Phone.
But as far as shooting a Video, anything less than HD 720p, looks like it was shot with an old 8mm Home Movie Camera. The Movie Making Apps on Android tend to be amateurish by comparison to Apple’s iOS. Hence my plan will be to use an iPad 2 or an iPod Touch 4G. Both are nice, light and comparably inexpensive. Both also require Wi Fi, meaning trips to Mc Donald’s, Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, the Queens Public Library or the Midtown Manhattan Apple Store.
Two of my favorite apps are Splice Video Editor and iMovie For iPhone. When the Coverage of The 2011 Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship Round Two was produced, the Splice App made this production, part of which was aired on, much easier to coordinate. In fact, the Production was outright fun to make. That has been missing from Android, though Android is great for sheer live telecasts.

Wegener Media, a place where I had purchased refurbished Macs, looks good for an iPad 2. It looks like I’ll be doing business with them again. I tend to trust Apple when it comes to Video Production. The Quality Shows.

M, Eh!