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As To late Mass On Easter Sunday

31 Mar

Even Priests need rest.

Full Video of 12 Girls 2011 KofC Free Throw

31 Mar

TheSneak Attack Censor At Vimeo

31 Mar

In a bastion of Free Speech, someone decided to censor all of my Vimeo Videos.

Someone must not like the Idea of Freedom Of Expression. Then again, some people have NOTHING to add to a conversation, so they resort to CENSORSHIP.



Easter-Resurrection From The Easter Vigil

31 Mar

Sublime Liturgy at Our Lady Of Mercy in Forest Hills, NY, last evening. A Male Soloist chanted “Celtic Alleluia” &, for once, I wasn’t crying. Liturgy was Quite Beautiful, explaining the Story Of Creation into The Resurrection.

It was memorable, to say the least.

Thomas Jefferson was a Polymath, in that he he understood Bits & Pieces of Everything, so he decided to edit the Bible, particularly when it came to The Christ, almost rendering the Story to being nearly MEANINGLESS.

Happy Easter to All Christians.

To my Dearest Friend, Joan, may your Brother be better.


With Maundy Thursday & Good Friday of The Easter Triduum

30 Mar

Mass was superbly done, with Maestro David Close, conducting the Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs Choir in Forest Hills, NY. To say the least, I had real tears in my eyes. It was that good.

On Good Friday, the Annual Walk from Prayer at St. Thomas Apostle Parish in Woodhaven to Holy Child Jesus, Richmond Hill, Queens, took place in Beautiful Weather. Prayers were offered at Whiding Square, Woodhaven, Reflection at St Thomas Apostle School in Woodhaven followed by the songs & prayer of bowing & kissing The Cross at 102 St/Pk La South.

Stations of Cross & Refreshments at Holy Child Jesus. Richmond Hill.

The Easter Triduum

27 Mar

This Is The Time as Lent Ends, as The Christ Enters The Time Of His Passion.

As Today is “Spy Wednesday”, when Judas, Son of Simon The Iscariot, went to the Pharisees to cut a deal to hand over Jesus to be put to Death, Lent Ends in Conspiracy, as an Apostle(Treasurer Of), who had his hands in the Proverbial “Cookie Jar” more times than One Can Imagine, Judas betrays Jesus in a cash deal, supposedly 30 Pieces of Silver.

The Institution of Both The Catholic Priesthood & The Eucharist, occur on Maundy(Holy)Thursday, at a Passover Seder in Jerusalem, in a place called “The Upper Room.” It is here, when Judas goes to complete his betrayal of The Christ. The Church offers The Mass Of The Lord’s Supper, which includes the Re-Enactment of when Jesus washed the Feet of The Apostles. The “Gloria In Excelcis Deo”, is Chanted today.

On Good Friday, Christ’s Death, opens Heaven, after being closed since the Original Sin of Adam & Eve. It is a Day of The Liturgy Of The Word & Mass of the Pre-Sanctified, as no Consecration Of The Elements(Bread & Wine) occurs today, with the Commemoration of The Ultimate Sacrifice of Christ On The Cross, occurs.

Holy Saturday, is when The Church is Silent until The Easter Vigil.  The Fire Of Light Is Lit, signaling that The Easter Vigil is beginning, about 7:30PM, EDT, at Sundown. Candles are lit, reminding all of One’s Baptism. The “Gloria In Excelcis Deo” is chanted. At The Gospel, for the 1st Time in awhile, “Alleluia” is sung. This is a Very Emotional Chant, signifying that “Christ Is Risen.” I have either cried or choked back Tears, whenever this occurs. The Church Is Alive.

He Is Risen.”



Not As Well Known But Is The Bridge To The Easter Triduum-“Spy Wednesday”

26 Mar

How appropriate that Lent(Anglo Saxon for Spring-Thanks, Fr Raphael), should end in this fashion. For it was the day before Maundy(Holy)Thursday, that this lesser known event is remembered. 

Judas, Son Of Simon The Iscariot, betrays Jesus to The Pharisees, for 30 Pieces of Silver. Judas was Treasurer of The Apostles. He also had a really bad habit of “Misappropriating” the Funds collected.

Think about The Christ’s Betrayal. Think about the times that you have betrayed someone for Money or Favors. Ditto, think about those who have betrayed you for a price, whether Monetarily or Politically. How do You Feel? How do They Feel?

Betrayal=Pain in more ways than one. We all know that The Christ paid the ultimate price for all of our Sins.


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