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“Sunday Night Standards”(06/08/2014)

29 Dec

Sunday June 8th, 2014 “Sunday Night Opera”

29 Dec

“La Boheme” The Great Rehearsal

29 Dec

As Derek Jeter Says Good Bye

25 Sep

Television will be tuned into it. But according to the NY Post, Derek Jeter may miss the Boston Series at Fenway Park.
This is a case of Playing Out The String.
Actually, Derek Jeter may be smart about this. He realizes that it is best to end his ride at Yankee Stadium III, instead of hearing some “Southie” intoning “Jeter Swallows.”
Normally, I show no tears nor love of The NY Yankees.
But God keep you safe, Derek, for you will be missed.


Boston Red Sox World Series Championship 2013 Trophy

27 Jun

My Most Dear Friend and The Live Broadcast From East Glendale, NY

27 Jun

This was an Historical Evening and it was Live on The Live Streaming Telecast came from the Parish Hall of Sacred Heart of Jesus R C Church in East Glendale, Queens, a Stone’s Toss away from Forest Hills, somewhere across the Great Divide called Woodhaven Boulevard.
But, during my great crisis of 2013, a Woman who is a Convert to the Catholic Faith, noticed that I was in great pain from Bursitis. She approached me and said “Jesus Loves You-Jesus Wants Us to be Friends.” She supplied me with something to relieve the pain. It was a Homeopathic Remedy which worked.  This grew into a Friendship and many intelligent CATHOLIC DOCTRINAL Discussions, as She is a Convert from Greek Orthodoxy.
But last year, She spoke on my behalf to the Brother Knights, who I once led as Grand Knight from 1996 to 1998. The Knights of Columbus at Msgr Sherman Council 5103, in cooperation with Ancient Order of Hibernians Division 14Queens County, aided in setting up a Fund to aid a Distressed Brother.
They aided me with $100 for my personal use. Two Days later, the Woman, now known as My Most Dear Friend, handed me extra money and spoke these very words:

“Go Buy The Phone.”
For Members of Msgr Sherman Council Knights of Columbus 5103, My Most Dear Friend was given the title of “Guardian Angel of Past Grand Knight Michael Leggett.” Something was beginning to click.

So, on Tuesday, June 24th, 2014, History was made when the Camera on the Android Phone synced with the App and Station Square Studios transmitted the 1st Live Broadcast from East Glendale, which lasted for 43 Minutes. The 1st Guest to appear was the Pastor of Our Lady of Mercy, Reverend Msgr John A. Mc Guirl, currently a member of The Council followed by a Group of Council Honorees.

But, had this extra money not been given, there might not be the Classical Concerts From Forest Hills Our Lady of Mercy Parish on Station Square Studios One(Veetle) or the Recognition Night Live Broadcast on Station Square Studios 2(

To My Brothers Knights and Hibernians and To My Most Dear Friend, a Parishioner of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs-Forest Hills, I say these words in Gratitude;

Ad Multos Annos;
Deo Gratias!

M, PGK, Eh!

On Special Alert Live Programming On

17 Jun

Threat by Archdiocese of New York To Close Holy Innocents R C Church in Midtown Manhattan, with Live Special on, Thursday, June 19th, 2014 from W37th Street.
When something works, why shut it down?

M, Eh!

Post Script:
I may end up calling the RC Archdiocese of New York, “D’OhLANd”, in “Honor” of a Certain Cardinal, who is always being “Caught Off Guard.”

stationsquarestudios -Sunday Night Standards From OLM Forest Hills

9 Jun

Vimeo Remains Along With Veetle, Bambuser

7 Jun

Plus when is hooked up, will rarely be used. You Tube will NOT be used except for carriage repeat from  Dailymotion will be Vimeo Backup.
Vimeo Streams, will be fed to Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Google+ and Pinterest. Ditto, Dailymotion.
You Tube Streams from will follow Vimeo Setup. Ustream will be also follow the stream setup.

But, Vimeo is the Prime Video Streaming Network. Veetle is the Primary Live Network Streaming Feed.

M, Eh!

Something I Have Found About Non Profit Organisations On Video

7 Jun

Many absolutely despise appearing on You Tube. They think(as well as I do)that You Tube has a cheap look and tend towards exhibiting their organization on something more classy. So, when I recorded an Awards Presentation, I was asked to load the video to Since I have a Vimeo+ account, I uploaded it to the Very Classy Vimeo, where the Audience actually has intelligence.
And with Android Jelly Bean 4.1, Vimeo will be back to Grand Old HD 720p, which means that when something goes to Vimeo, it will look crisp.
Also, when Telecasts originate from the new Android Phone, which of course means Live Internet Television, viewers will notice the difference, being able to see more on screen. It was the 1st Ever Video Coverage of The Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship on a Video Sharing Service other than You Tube, namely Dailymotion, when said HD 720p coverage was carried from East Glendale, Queens USA, on the Website of Radio Tele Luxembourg in Belgium. That it was in HD 720p, outside of You Tube, is what made the event coverage so amazing, as to be picked up by the Network in Europe, which owns Fremantle, which gives us American Idol, The X Factor and America’s Got Talent.

Get set for the Future of Content…it is changing to HD 720p.

M, Eh!