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There Is A New Look For “Meet Us At Expo XIII”

30 Apr

The Video will be 960X540 & will be in Black & White, for that Documentary/Film Noir Effect.
Almost like watching “Victory At Sea” on NBC in the Early 1950s.

Meet Us At Expo XIII(Film Opener)(Via Dropbox)

30 Apr

Old Tyme Hipsters

30 Apr

You know you are aging when you hear words like “Groovy” & “Far Out.”
I heard those words spoken inside of Forest Hills Library from a woman named Karen.
It was fun hearing those words spoken.

The Video “Our Book” Via Dropbox

29 Apr

The upload will run via Dropbox to Vimeo, where certain edits will be done.
Dropbox is making things easier.

Posterous Spaces Goes Dark on 4/30/13

28 Apr

Posterous Spaces was used by me as a quick upload of videos to & test ground for Vimeo Videos.
There’s always WordPress & Tumblr, both of which I find delightful.
Wordpress is my official blogging home, w/Tumblr as 2nd blogging feed.

“Hipster Express-A Film By “M””

27 Apr

Planning Four Videos

27 Apr

One is called “Meet Me @ Expo XIII”, about a Parish Ministry Fair at Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs-Forest Hills, NY.
Second is a Concert on Piano by Maestro Joe Martin at Our Lady Of Mercy Parish in Forest Hills, NY.
Two other videos are “EMOTE-Dream… & Reality”, an artistic video about Eucharistic Ministers & “Before & After Lunch”, dealing with Friday, November 22nd, 1963, the 50th Anniversary of the JFK Murder.
Videos 1, 3 & 4 are Noncommercial & will be on as a “Film By M”, while The Piano Concert will be Commercial, appearing on Blip Networks, along with & The Piano Concert will be part of “The Kong Show On Blip”, as a joint production of Station Square Group & Powella Productions.

It’s a different kind of approach, as Vimeo will be the Official, Noncommercial, Artistic & Informational Network, while Blip, Dailymotion & NutralTV, will be the Commercial Feed.
Tumblr will carry all feeds, along with WordPress, Twitter & Facebook, as well as Google+.


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