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What Is It With Modernists That They HATE Faith & Beauty?

20 Feb

Guess What-The Day of Candy & Cards, being so Secular today, is on the Tridentine Latin Mass Calendar, a Beautiful Saint’s Day, honouring a Man, both a Physician & Catholic Priest.
The Date is February 14th & it honours a Martyr.
Through him from God, a girl named Julia received her Sight for she had been blind since birth.
The Saint’s Name is Valentinus(Valentine), an Ancient Saint of The Catholic Church.
But, in anticipation of The Novus Ordo Mass, a New Calendar was drawn up, derived from the Presbyterian & Reformed Calendars, in the name of The “False Ecumenism”, which plagues the Post Vatican II Church of Today.
The “Reason” given was that Valentinus was a legend. To The Modernists, it’s good for “Ecumenism.” To me, it’s a Crock of BS. Saint Valentine’s Day has been celebrated with Joy & Reverence for many centuries. A Priest who officiated The Sacrament of Matrimony in hiding away from Roman Emperor Claudius The Brutal, risked Death. 
This discontinuation on the New Calendar
Was ordered in 1967, for the Novus Ordo Calendar, which began to occur on November 30th, 1969.
And yet, though no longer on the current Church Calendar, St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated, albeit a Secular Humanist Celebration.
And, knowing today’s Novus Ordo Catholic Church, probably no Catholic School Student would even have suspected that This Saint & Martyr, ever existed.

Thanks Tim Cullen of The Remnant Newspaper for explaining this.

Deo Gratias!


For “” Subscribers, NYC Is Not Entirely Under Cardinal Dolan

31 Jan

The Roman Latin Church is in a Diocese called Brooklyn and the counties of Kings & Queens are covered by the RC Diocese Of Brooklyn. While The Metropolitan of The New York Province is Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan, he is NOT The Ordinary of The RC Diocese Of Brooklyn. The Ordinary means the Bishop who has jurisdiction in his Diocese & as Ordinary, ordains Deacons & Priests under the Jurisdiction. He is the Primary Teacher of Faith in his Diocese, just as Cardinal Dolan has jurisdiction over the Boroughs of Manhattan, Bronx & Staten Island, as well as Counties North of NYC, such as Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Rockland, Orange, Ulster & Sullivan Counties.
New York City, like London & Rome, have more than One Diocese in the City. New York City is NOT exclusively MANHATTAN ISLAND. My(Brooklyn) Diocesan Bishop is the Most Reverend Nicholas Di Marzio(Who originally comes from Newark, NJ, a part of The New York-New Jersey-Connecticut Metropolitan Area).

Do NOT Blame Cardinal Dolan for everything which goes on in The 5 Boroughs. Only Three Boroughs are his Jurisdiction. The Matter of “The Star Wars Mess” is in the RC Diocese Of Brooklyn. This Farce is between Msgr Jamie Gigantiello, the Vicar For Development for The RC Diocese Of Brooklyn, as well as Pastor of St Bernard’s in Mill Basin, Brooklyn & The Most Reverend Nicholas Di Marzio.

The Reason I am saying Mess instead of Mass, is that The Mass is the Unbloody Re-presentation of The Sacrifice on Calvary, and it would hard to see this in this Elaborate Entertainment Spectacle. It reminds me of The NHL Joke of The 1970s, “I went to a Boxing Match & a Hockey Game broke out.” And one wonders if there was even a Valid Consecration in this Melee in Brooklyn. One wonders if these Parishioners even understand that The Mass is a Sacrifice. Or do they prefer “Circus Et Panem Maximus?”
For Tears began streaming at the start of Prayers at the 11:00AM Tridentine Latin Mass at St Agnes on E43rd Street between Lexington Avenue and 3rd Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. And it doubles my resolve to see to it that The Novus Ordo Mass be consigned to The Dustbin of History.

Vivat Christus Rex!


I Don’t Recognize Ordinary Time As Catholic

11 Jan

For One Should see the Real Roman Latin Mass Calendar & realise that we are still in The Christmas Cycle.
Wednesday Is Still Baptism Of The Lord & that there are Sundays After Epiphany until Septuagesima Sunday on 01/31/2016, with the Final Christmas Cycle day of February 2nd, The Presentation of The Child Jesus In The Temple.

WE ARE ROMAN/LATIN RITE Catholics, NOT Presbyterians.


Kyrie Elaison

The Solemn “Wave”(2nd Sunday Of Advent)

7 Dec

For on this 2nd Sunday of Advent, I witnessed The Welcoming & Scrutiny of People who are seeking to enter The Catholic Church, via the Ritus Novus Romanus.
As such this Entrance, Six are Actual Catechumens, who are Not Baptized. As Forest Hills, a Section of The Borough of Queens in The Roman Catholic Diocese Of Brooklyn, has a large Jewish Population, a number of times over the years I have witnessed those of Judaism enter The Catholic Faith.
Six more are Baptized Catholics but had not yet received Holy Communion & Confirmation. Then, there are Three who have received Baptism, Confirmation(Chrismation) & Holy Communion as Infants & will make a Profession of The Catholic Faith. This will be done at The Easter Vigil. These are people who are Eastern Orthodox(Greek & Russian). My Most Dear Friend came into The Church in this manner.
These People will be in the Rite Of Christian Initiation of Adults(RCIA), in the Roman/Latin Rite Catholic Church. By Right & according to the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches, Greek & Russian Orthodox would enter into the Corresponding Catholic Rite(Byzantine) via the Roman/Latin Rite.

The Martyrs Wave:
The Sign of Peace has really little to do with The Roman Rite in Practice within the Nave. The Kiss Of Peace is done on The Altar.
This “Sign Of Peace” is imported from the Maronite Catholic Church of The Antiochean Rite. And it is NOT done by looking to shake one’s hand.
As with the Maronites, the Hands are folded in Prayer. An Acolyte is sent to the 1st in each pew & touches the Finger Tip of that 1st Person, who then turns to the right and does the same to the next person. THIS Is The Sign Of Peace. It is done Prayerfully & Ritually.
The Way it is done in The Roman Latin Rite, & only in The Missa Novus Ordo, appears to be chaotic. In Lent, I have seen the Practice made optional. Actually, it is optional. At Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Parish in Forest Hills, because of there being so much room & many people spaced out, People wave to each other. Hence, even when the crowd is larger, there is a the habit of waving one’s hand. It is why I call this “The Martyrs Wave.”

The Gospel was of St. John The Baptist, who, in the Desert, prepared the People For The Coming Of Jesus Christ. He, John, was The Herald. He was to announce The Coming. He baptized People in The River Jordan, as a Baptism of Repentance.
The Preacher of The Gospel was a Rather Well Known Deacon, one known all over the Web, & like The Noted & Redoubtable Louie Verrecchio, originally from Maryland. If you guessed that the Deacon is Greg Kandra, enjoy a Cup of Starbucks Coffee for me.  At least Deacon Kandra publishes his Sunday Homilies.
Back to Tridentine Latin Mass for The Third Sunday Of Advent, called Gaudete Sunday. I prefer Holy Innocents Pastor, Fr Leonard Villa, whose Homilies pull no punches in regards to Eternity & The Temporal. Because I can only take the Novus Ordo Mass only so far.
I can barely take “The Armada Of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion”, especially since most of them seem to be in shock when someone prefers to receive Christ’s Body on the Tongue. I know one who puts it in the Side of my mouth.
It’s Novus Ordo Land. It’s Sad, Really. And as that Ukrainian Greek Catholic Lady at St. George’s in Manhattan’s East Village says(And She’s Right), “We Are Not Priests”, to counter the Novus Ordo Mistake of “Sancte Communion A Mano”(Holy Communion In The Hand).

Time to return to Tradition, especially on the Weekends. It’s Good for One”s Soul and One”s Mind.

Kyrie Elaison!
Deo Gratias!
Laus Tibi Christe!


Kyrie Elaison

“New Martyrs of the Colosseum? A Final Word from Rome” Remnant TV

27 Oct

Kyrie Elaison

The Remnant Newspaper – Synod on the Family: Clash of Two Churches

26 Oct

Kyrie Elaison

We Are NOT Anglicans Or Eastern Orthodox, Your Holiness

23 Oct

We Are CATHOLICS. And You, as Christ’s Vicar on Earth, Must Lead.
The Roman Latin Rite Catholic Church cannot be split into a load of National Churches. It would be Chaos. In One Country, Catholics would be permitted to become Masons. In Another, it would not be possible. And the Doctrine in that case would be violated, but Interpretation would be used, though convoluted.
Christ called for Peter to rule His Holy Church. You are NOT 1st Among Equals. You Are His Earthly Vicar.
Anything like “Decentralization” would be HERESY.


Kyrie Elaison

Paul Andre Durocher Inspired My Latest Passion Pour Baseballe

16 Oct

French Canadian Archbishop Paul Andre Durocher is the Bishop who called for Female Deacons in The Catholic Church. If the Russian Orthodox Churches can have them, Durocher says, as if he was Curt Schilling, “Why Not Us”(2004 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox).

My smart alecky comment of The Day in regards to “The Synod Of Doom(Credit Christopher Ferrara for this appropriate title)”, is “Throw Durocher Out.”

Only, that back in Brooklyn, NY, Durocher was NOT pronounced “Du Roe Shea”, but as “Daroshuh” and THAT Durocher was the Legendary Manager with the 1st Name of Leo, a Man of Considerable Ill Temperment, who had a Talent as Manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, NY Giants, Chicago Cubs, & at the back end of his career, the Houston Astros, of arguing with Umpires & getting kicked out of Ballgames. He did manage the Brooklyn Dodgers to a couple of National League Pennants & the NY Giants to a couple of NL Pennants, including the 1954 World Series Championship, taking the Cleveland Indians in 4 Straight Games.

So, in between Catholic Church Articles, some Baseball will appear here. It has to. The NY Mets are now in the NL Championship Series. And they are facing the Chicago Cubs, who were once managed by Leo Durocher.

Play Ball!


Kyrie Elaison

The Synod Of Doom(Credit C. Ferrara)

6 Oct

The Remnant & Catholic Family News will have Digital Reports from Rome including video. EWTN will have live sessions on the Synod.
Salt & Light TV, which is the Canadian Digital Internet Outlet from Toronto, a stone’s throw from The Petermans’ Bridge(If you watch CBC Television, I think you get the idea), will have live Coverage of certain sessions of the Synod.

The Loneliest Correspondent:
I don’t believe that it will be Fr Thomas ROSICA, who is the Head of Salt & Light TV.
Let’s just say that his FAVORITE 6 Letter Word is SCHISM. His least favorite Alphabet Letters are “S, P & X”, especially when “S” is used twice in a row.
His studio facilities are in Suburban Ferndale, MI, in what is called “The Warehouse In Detroit.”

Whenever something questionable was said by Papa Bergoglio, there was the excuse of “It’s A Bad Translation”, repeatedly transmitted. Usually, some Cardinal was substituted for an object of Derision(Just Ask Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan).

He Knows WHO He Is. His Least Favorite “Four Letter Word” is “SSPX.” Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke once told Pope Francis I that Pope Francis must make Catholic Teaching on Matrimony Clear and Unambiguous. But THAT Story was censored by The Correspondent With The Moe Howard Pompador, as The Correspondent(We Are NOT Talking About John Hodgman)was informed by Someone(Reportedly a Diocesan Priest of The Diocese of London, ON, who belongs to an Organisation with the Letters “O. D.”), that The Correspondent couldn’t receive Holy Communion because of The Report being Critical of Pope Francis. It was a Good Broadcast Report, but that it conflicts with the “OD’s” rule of NOT Criticising The Pope.

Look for More Rippings of Cardinal Dolan over the Next Few Weeks.


Kyrie Elaison

As To WHY The Remnant Newspaper Is Worth It

5 Sep

Orthodoxy, Orthodoxy, Orthodoxy!

Intelligent Discussion, Fact & Opinion involving One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church is written here. And There is Humor.

Check Out The Remnant Newspaper.

And help them out.


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