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Tradwriter 27: Inculturation: Isn’t it great?

18 May

“Inculturation”, a Vatican II Term of of The Modernist ” Novelty Experts”, who could write comedy for the US Television Networks but not Liturgy, is the adding of Regional Customs to the Liturgy. Often it entails Pagan Customs such as Smoking a Peace Pipe or some Native Dance.

Imagine Polynesian Dancers for a Polynesian Mass. Dancing is prohibited under Liturgical Law. In the R C Archdiocese of Buenas Aires, Argentina, the Metropolitan of The Nation authorized a “Pinocchio Mass” for the young people(I wonder if Gary M. Voris will deny this). This Mass had Disney Characters at that Mass, held in a Futbol Stadium.(Note that this Archbishop’s Family Name is Bergoglio & the Video is on You Tube).
Instead of calling the current Mass the New Mass or New Order of Mass(Novus Ordo Missa), a number of Traditionalists call this the NO Mass. NO simply means Novus Ordo and one group even has a battle cry of “No NO.”
Another name which is appropriate for the NO Mass is NOAM(No Order At Mass). Noam is a Jewish Male name and pronounced “No Ahm”. NOAM will be pronounced the same way.
The Halloween & Clown Masses are basically Low Grade Entertainments, with a NO Mass in the Middle of the Theme. Not only that, they are Blasphemous Liturgies, often using Illicit Bread, such as Doritos Chips or in the case of one Clown Liturgy, Pizza Bread(It is in photos on the web).
One Priest in the Diocese of Orange County, California, donned a ” Barney The Dinosaur ” Costume and offered Mass(On You Tube).
If I want a Cabaret Act, I will head to a Club in Astoria, Queens or Williamsburg, Brooklyn. If I want Clowns, I will head to a Circus.
Someone dressed as “Dracula” should NOT be proclaiming The Epistle. The So Called “Ordinary Form of Mass”, written to make PROTESTANTS(Heretics)feel at Home, with an ” Offertory” which is NOT in the Least Bit the Propitiary Sacrifice, where the Priest offers Prayers for his sins and the sins of the Faithful, while offering the Hostia (Victim) to God The Father.
An “Offertory” Prayer in the NO Mass, written not to offend people who look at The Eucharist as a “Memorial Meal”, comes from The Talmud, which Blasphemes BOTH Jesus and The Blessed Virgin Mary.
Like WHAT Flavor of Hashish were these ” Liturgical Reformers” smoking?
I don’t think that the NO Mass is bringing in The Faithful. The Music, by and large, is the type which leads to Long Lines in Toilets, where much Vomiting occurs. The “Reformers” may claim that Psalms are being sung, but WHY are these Psalms always geared towards MAN? If “On Eagles Wings” is ANY Indication, we will have sung this song, based on Psalms, merely for our SELF Edification, not for worshipping God In Three Persons.

As far as the NO Mass is concerned, I agree wholeheartedly with Louie Verrecchio, Michael Matt, Christopher Ferrara & John Vennari, it is time to END this hideous experiment. Say “No” to “The NO.”
Return to the Tridentine Form of the Mass to reorient the Faithful, with some Latin added gradually. Return to the One Year Cycle of Readings, as it is in both the Tridentine Latin Mass & Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgies of St. John Chrysostom & St. Basil The Great.
No Girls as Altar Servers, as they cannot be ordained as Priests. This Mass prohibits Holy Communion A Mano(In The Hand). The Priest should pray Silently at the Offertory and at The Canon of The Mass. Kneeling at The Altar Rail should also return.

Junk The NO Mass, which has NOT worked since November 30th, 1969.

The Return of The Faith, demands it.

Kyrie Elaison


From The Propagandist “Michael Vorisilli”(Snark Attack)

15 Apr

Is Michael Voris finally “Losing It”?

In This Video, one of his “Kiddie Corps” alleged “News Reporters”, is delivering a fraudulent story about the Society of St. Pius X, being in Schism.
What occurred in the R C Archdiocese of Buenas Aires, is sending the Quasi Cultish into a Hissy Fit. The Priestly Society of St. Pius X has regularized their Catholic Status in Argentina, with both the Assistance of T the Archbishop of Buenas Aires, Cardinal Poli and the Nation of Argentina.

STOP THE LIES, Michael. What next, a Cult In the Caribbean called “Vorisville”?

Nice Try By Your Mole on The Remnant Newspaper Comment Boxes to Obfusticate. I would say that “Guest” is actually a Ghostwriter of Yours, who likes to write Manifestos. He is like the little kid in Brooklyn who hides behind the fence & throws rocks.

OPEN YOUR COMBOXES, COWARD! And WHO Are the 5 Cardinals behind the “ SSPX Schism” Tale”?

Or YOU Will be forced to sit between Joe Buck & Tim Mc Carver on “MLB On FOX.” I think that you get the picture, if you know what I mean.


Bergoglio’s List: Pope Francis and political oppression in Argentina – Catholic Culture

6 Nov

Worth reading! This is the Same Argentine Regime which tried to steal the Falkland Islands from Great Britain.

God Save His Holiness!

M, Eh!

Extraordinary Synod, & Crypto Vorisism

12 Oct

“The Gang of Eight”, including Donald Cardinal “I Never Refuse Nancy Pelosi At Holy Communion” Wuehrl and Sean Cardinal O’Malley of Bankrupt Boston, is at this Extraordinary Synod On The Family, to help decide how to Sidestep Catholic Doctrine, regarding The Sacraments of Matrimony and The Holy Eucharist. So are other Bishops from both the Eastern Catholic Churches and the Roman Rite. Just about all of The Radicals are from the Roman Rite.

“Mr Tough Guy”, the Traditional Acting Michael Voris, a Neo Catholic in Traditional Circles, who called Christopher Ferrara, Michael Matt and John Vennari, Sede Vacantists, for daring to question the unintelligible statements of Pope Francis I, would look the other way if Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan was elected Pope.

Voris will be at the Vatican, filing reports for Church One wonders who MV will rip to shreds. 
Walter Cardinal Kasper, the Pope’s Theologian, is the “Field Marshal”  of this Radical Band of Bishops, looking to explain away the Teaching of Jesus Christ in regards to Holy Matrimony, by being “Pastoral”, whatever that means. “Pastoral”, in this case, is for the Purpose of undermining Doctrine.

But, he has the backing of Pope Francis I, himself a Radical who in practice, defied Summorum Pontificum in regards to allowing the Tridentine Latin Mass to be celebrated in the Parishes of The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Buenos Aires, Argentina. For he was once called Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio, a Radical, who has been known to do things for show, so to be liked by the Worldly Rulers in Argentina. He goes all out for the False Ecumenism with Heretics and Schismatics, such as accepting Pentecostal Ministers “Blessings” at Luna Park in Buenos Aires.
Yet, when Sean Cardinal O’Malley accepted an Annointing from a Female Protestant Minister, Michael Voris was ripping Cardinal O’Malley “A New One.”

Two Standards in Conflict. Won’t offend The Head, but everyone else is “Fair Game.”

Voris is “Trapped and Exposed.”

Kyrie Elaison


“Ecumenism & Exorcism In Buenas Aires?”

22 Aug

A Lutheran Pastor? What?
As I read Catholic Family News, it was discovered that Whenever The Vatican turned down the Investigation into a Case Where Exorcism may be needed, Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio, Archbishop of Buenas Aires, Argentina, would send the Person who The Vatican turned down, to the Local Lutheran Pastor, to perform the Exorcism. It should be noted that Cardinal Bergoglio is an Arch Ecumenist.
But the major problems here are Disobedience of Catholic Church Authority, in Okaying an Exorcism via Dissident Christian Community and the Fact that The Lutherans do not believe in a Sacrificial Priesthood.
Please Note, that in reading The Remnant Newspaper, The Vatican will be honoring Martin Luther later this year. It makes me wonder when they will celebrate the Founders of Freemasonry? Would this surprise me?

“For Our Holy and Ecumenical Pontiff, Francis The Pope of Rome, For Our Major Archbishop, Sviatoslav, For Our Metropolitan Stephen, For Our God Loving Bishop, Paul, For The Clergy, Religious and all orthodox Christians, Let Us Pray To The Lord”:
“Lord Have Mercy.”


A Very Disobedient Archbishop In Argentina

20 Aug

The Summorum Pontificum of Saturday, July 7th, 2007, also called The Motu Proprio, which gave permission to Priests,to offer the Tridentine Latin Mass of St John XXIII, without the Indult granted by The Diocesan Bishop, was promulgated by an Utterly Disobedient Archbishop of Buenas Aires, Argentina, who restricted this Mass to the 4th Sunday of Every Month. This Cardinal Archbishop gave an Interview to a newspaper reporter, telling the reporter that he is a sworn enemy of The Traditional Latin Mass. The Archbishop’s Name is Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio. For His Eminence ordered a Hybrid Latin Mass. The 1st Sunday drew over 100 People. But this was not a Traditional Latin Mass, but a Hybrid Latin Mass, containing the Novus Ordo Mass Readings in Spanish. By the 4th Mass the crowd was down to only a handful of Faithful, so the Latin Mass was cancelled.
But, Bergoglio stopped the Tridentine Latin Mass from ever being offered in The R C Archdiocese of Buenas Aires. After all he actually brought in a Priest who had no idea how to Offer the TLM.
It was an Act of Disobedience to Pope Benedict XVI. And now, Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio is Pope Francis I, he who orders a Young Order of Franciscan Friars and Sisters of The Immaculate that they are forbidden to offer, Orderwide, theTridentine Latin Mass and has the subjected to Persecution.
Humility? It is Only a Media Show.

Kyrie Elaison!