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Catholic Radio Beyond EWTN

21 Feb

I’m listening to Relevant Radio with TuneIn. #No
Growing up here in NYC, particularly in Brooklyn, outside of owning a shortwave radio, there was really no such thing as Catholic Radio, unless one picked up Vatican Radio on Shortwave. Now there were Protestant Radio Stations & even Jewish Radio, but nothing of Catholic Radio.
Now there is The Web and a growth of Catholic Radio. On Shortwave I used to listen to EWTN in the 1990s & eventually via the web. It was great because until this century, EWTN was not yet on Time Warner Cable in the 5 Boroughs.
There are 3 such Catholic Stations, an AM FM Combo & one in Newark NJ, whose signals reach NYC. One is in Trenton NJ & the FM is in Freehold NJ. I usually use the Tune In Radio App to access these stations. There is a 4th Station, WQOM in Boston, also accessed by the Tune In App.
Give them a listen. You’ll learn about The Catholic Church.

Deo Gratias!


The Church Militant In The Byzantine Rite

22 Jan

Michael Voris is NO MATCH for the Ukrainian Greek Catholics in Manhattan’s East Village. If Voris ever got out of line with these Catholics, they would march on “The Warehouse In Detroit”, with lit torches. They would even be joined by Tridentine Latin Mass Communities, one on the East Side of Manhattan on East 43rd Street between Lexington Avenue and 3rd Avenue and the one on West 37th Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. This Sight wouldn’t be pretty, especially the Chant of “S, S, P, X”.
Thanks to the Discombobuluted, Ever Loving MTA, with E Trains running Local over the F Line & A Trains running over the F Line, I eventually decided against the NO Mass & went to St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in the East Village on E 7th Street between 2nd Avenue and 3rd Avenue for the Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy Of St John Chrysostom. It was at 4:00PM in English. It was a Low Mass as there was no Cantor Available.

It was Sunday Before Theophany(Epiphany), as this Parish operates on the Julian Calendar(Yesterday was January 4th on the Julian Calendar). I did see some amici from Holy Innocents RC Church in Midtown Manhattan at this Divine Liturgy. Nouveau Tridentine Latin Mass Catholics, particularly the younger ones, will not hesitate to head to the Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgies. They do hesitate to head to the Novus Ordo Mass though.
The Divine Liturgy Of St John Chrysostom was offered by The Economos(Pastor) of St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, the Very Reverend Fr Bernard Panzcuk, OSBM(Ordo Sancti Basilli Magni, or Order of St. Basil The Great), Fr Superior of The Order.
The Baptism Of The Lord was The Theme & so was the Descent Of The Holy Ghost in the form of A Dove. The Holy Ghost makes us Holy, as Does Christ having instituted The Eucharist just before He died on The Cross.But, thtough Baptism, we enter into Christ’s Life through Grace.

In Nomini Patris, Et Filli, Et Spiritu Sancti, Amen.



Kyrie Elaison

The Long Papal Day At Central Park NYC

26 Sep

Anticipation was great, so I went to Morning Mass at Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs RC Church in Forest Hills, Queens. It is a Pious Thing to do on the Second Ember Day of Three Ember Days for the Fall Season. It is a way of doing Penance, so I went without Meat & Alcohol.
One Priest, namely OLQM’s Administrator, Fr Francis Passenant had tickets for West 61st Street and Central Park Drive. That gave him proximity to the B Train at Columbus Circle, where he could get it to W53rd Street/7th Avenue to change for the E Train Train back to Forest Hills.
Funny but Fr Frank recommended staying home and watching this on Television.

Above is the Link to all The Holy Excitement.


Kyrie Elaison

EWTN Acquires

24 Sep

EWTN has announced the acquisition of and its’ vast Library of Instructional Programming, with the Exception of “God First” with Fr Paul Nicholson, complaining that “Fr Nicholson is too unusual, even by Canadian Television Practices & Standards, which means that even CBC doesn’t want his programmes.”
“This Is A HUGE Moment for us here at EWTN”, proclaimed Raymond Arroyo, “What with Michael Voris’ Ability to tone down criticism of any Pope, even if that Pope proclaims that the Holy Trinity has 5 Persons.The new nightly Half Hour ‘Vortex’, should prove most interesting. And on EWTN Radio, Mrs Niles will have a two hour phone in show, titled ‘Whatever That’s Worth'(Acknowlegement Christopher Ferrara). These shows will be coming from The Brand New EWTN Ferndale Warehouse Studio” where both On Air & Web Programming will occur.”
The “Cub Reporters” declined comment, though Ryan Fitzgerald commented “Man, What Sellouts!”

Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York, breathed a Sigh of Relief, before exclaiming “BRAVO, Mike, We’ll Be Glad To Have Ya.”


Kyrie Elaison

2200EDT(0300GMT)EWTN Presents Cardinal Dolan

10 Aug

I shall view this programme.

But will Michael Voris?


Pentecost Is Actually 8 Days

20 May

When the Ecclesiastical Calendar went from the Tridentine to Novus Ordo, the Time of Pentecost went from 8 Days to just the Saturday Vigil and Sunday Mass Schedule. The PROTESTANTIZATION of The Roman|Latin Rite of The Catholic Church, would basically be complete. The Day after Pentecost would be the continuation of what began after Baptism of The Lord, namely Ordinary Time, instead of what used to be called Time After Pentecost.

Pentecost, which is Ten Days after Ascension Thursday, used to begin on Saturday with Vigil of Pentecost, followed by Pentecost Sunday and go through into the Saturday before Trinity Sunday. Easter Season ends on That Saturday before Trinity Sunday. Four Days After Trinity Sunday, came The Feast of Corpus Christi. The Sunday after Corpus Christi began the Cycle called Time After Pentecost. It is in October that The Feast Of Christ The King came to be celebrated in All The Churches In Union With The Holy See.

For those who practice by The Tridentine Calendar, Pentecost Is An Octave, like Easter and Christmas.
When the Calendar Change to Novus Ordo occurred, Blessed Paul VI went to celebrate The Mass Of The Octave of Pentecost. What surprised him unto the point of Crying, was that in addition to the New Mass, Bugnini & Company came up with a Totally New Liturgical Calendar.
The Gutting of The Calendar of The Roman|Latin Rite was Complete. Thus, the Era of The Novus Ordo was in full swing.

The Church has not been the Same, but is going through Her Passion. These past 45 Years have caused many Parishes and Schools to fold up.

It’s Sad.

But with the Resumption of the Tridentine Latin Mass, albeit on a Limited Basis, some sense of Solemnity and Sanity will keep One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, continues. The Eastern Catholic Churches are holding The Fort. They, along with The Tridentine Latin Mass, represent Tradition.

Kyrie Elaison


To The Beloved Pro Lifers Headed To Washington, DC

22 Jan

This is my advice on Coverage of the Historic Event in the Fight For Life and Against Abortion:

You NOW HAVE THE SAME OPPORTUNITY, the major News Organizations have, to bring this story to the Rest of The World. Today’s Mobile Smartphones can be used to transmit the story of The March to The World.
Whether on Android or Apple Smartphones(And Windows Phone 8.1), there are apps, which do connect your smartphones to Live Web Broadcast Services. Veetle, Bambuser and Ustream do come to mind. Cover any part of The March, including the Journeys to and from Washington, DC. Do not wait for the Mainstream Driveby Media to report this fairly(Except For EWTN and FOX NEWS). The Mainstream Driveby Media is more concerned with coverage outside of the Russian Embassy, on Friday, where Rich, Upper West Side Of Manhattan Lancelot Limousine Liberals will protest why Russia teaches the Authentic Orthodox Christian Faith to Schoolchildren.

Cover the Speeches and Prayers. Take Wide Angle Shots.

You Are The Media. Bring Live Coverage to The World.

And Pray for the End Of Abortion.


Michael Voris, The Synod And Pope Francis I

14 Oct

Michael Voris asked a question about whether or not the Gifts of The Homosexual, flow from the
Disorder or from the Person.

Archbishop Bruno Forte talked about respect for all people, thus pulling a runaround on Michael Voris.

Yesterday, Voris was ignored. Today, he received an incomplete response.

But, Michael Voris was surprised that Donald Cardinal “I Never Met A Pro Abortion Catholic Politician I Didn’t Give Holy Communion To” Wuerl, was named by Pope Francis I to the Extraordinary Synod Preparatory Commission. In fact His Holiness named 6 Other Radicals to that August Body.

Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio is the type of Disobedient Bishop, which you would “Rip a New One”, especially the way Bergoglio handled the Implementation of Summorum Pontificum, which gave Latin Rite Catholic Priests the permission to offer the Tridentine Latin Mass. No doubt, Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio would’ve been ripped a New One by You, for disobeying Pope Benedict XVI.
But now, Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio now wears the White Cassock of The Bishop of Rome.

Pope Francis I is STILL a Bishop. Stop being surprised, Michael. You are not a 6 Year old child. You have Faith and Reason. And a Leopard doesn’t change his spots. Jorge Mario Bergoglio is still Jorge Mario Bergoglio. He has The Title of The Sovereign Pontiff. He is The Pope, but he is STILL Jorge Mario Bergoglio and is as Radical as he was as Metropolitan of Buenos Aires.
Papam Bergoglio has not “changed his Spots”, but only his mode of Attire.
He is still That Radical You Utterly Despise. Donald Cardinal Wuerl is only a “Mirror Image.”
And so is Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan.
It is True.
Would you go along with Pope Francis I, if he forced Byzantine Rite Catholic Churches to replace the Beautiful Opening and Closing Holy Hymns with ANYTHING  cobbled together by Marty Haugen?


M, Eh!

Michael Voris and “The One, True Faith”

11 Sep

If I will say it, Michael Voris has Cujones. He spoke of The Scandal of the “Catholic” Campaign For Human Development, in their distribution of funds to pro abortion groups, amongst other Leftist Causes, on his TV show, “The One True Faith” & his reward was to be yanked from Diocesan TV Channels all over the USA. For you see, the majority of The US Roman Catholic Bishops are not thrilled with The Truth.

For you see, Michael is not part of The Catholic Establishment Media. None of these Establishment Types will even talk about Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan’s Decision to be the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day Parade Grand Marshall, on a day when a large gay group will march in the Parade. The silence by The Catholic Establishment Media is deafening.

I am an independent media type. What you read and see is what you get. With Independence, I am free to do my investigations.

And that is the way it should be. The Catholic Establishment Media is nothing more than an in house newsletter full of fluff.

Count me out.


“Unfaithful Bishops and Catholic Media”(Michael Voris)

9 Sep

Unfaithful Bishops and Catholic Media: