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30 Dec
Eight Days from now, coverage will begin in regards to the Knights Of Columbus Int’l Free Throw Basketball Championship. It will begin with in the Preliminary Competition & an iTunes Download of PostGame Highlights will take place. The You Tube Information Rolls are posted on both YouTube & Vimeo. Everything is being readied. Apps are in place for upload, download & production. YouTube will be a Great Information Service for Where To Tune. If need be, the Snark Piece called “The Rogue Show” will also be on there, as well as on “Rolling, Rolling”, as the Movie Producers in New York like to say, is operative here, as Vimeo, & Dailymotion & tumblr, are all here in NY. This is a Queens Based Competition being carried here, hence NYC Based Video Services will be utilized. Happy 2012!

Translation NOT Interpretation

21 Dec
The New Translation Of The Mass From Latin To English, is a real translation, whereas the prior English Translation was a Humanistic Interpretation, greatly devoid of the Mysterious & The Spiritual. If I had translated “Anima Mea” as “I”, in, let’s say, 1964, had I been in Cathedral Preparatory Seminary in Brooklyn, I would have been given a good, swift kick in the arse. But, by 1970, Anima Mea, in disregard to the Spiritual Being called the Soul, became “I”, the Humanistic Interpretation. The Interpreters were treating English Speakers, as if they had no real brain power. In the zeal to make the Latin Rite Liturgy seem friendly to Broad Church Anglicans & Lutherans, their interpretation was put into the Latin Rite Liturgy. It didn’t feel right nor did it feel nor sound Catholic, as the Stateliness had gone out of the Liturgy. Altar Rails were removed & tabernacles often were moved away from the centre. Some Catholic Churches looked Barren, as if they were Protestant Low Churches. Something just wasn’t right. But, upon reading the prayers in Latin, one could sense something was amiss in translation. Multis, a Latin word from which multiple comes from, had always been translated as Many. But, the Interpreters came up with “All”. While the Redemptive Sacrifice of The Christ is for all, Multis is still multiple or many. The Many actually constitutes The Believers(Faithful). For not everybody at Mass can receive Holy Communion. You may have someone who is a Lutheran or Anglican, who cannot participate in reception of the Sacrament, because they do not believe what Catholics do about the Eucharist. Calixta is Latin for the Sacred Vessel called the Chalice, from which comes the Blood Of Christ, under the appearance of Wine. It is no ordinary cup. The Calixta is being called The Chalice, once again. The Spiritual & Mysterious has returned To Mass. It feels Catholic-It IS Catholic. The Translation IS The Right Direction. Deo Gratias!

K Of C Free Throw In Gregorian Motion in Black & White

20 Dec

From January 15th, 2011, this time in Black & White.
This clip was put together, using the Silent Film Director App, Vimeo App & Splice App.
It is being uploaded with the Posterous Spaces App.
Working in tandem, one can produce a great video, entirely with a Handheld Computer, w/o ever utilizing a main box, whether Mac or PC.

YouTube #s May Be Much Smaller

18 Dec
The Next Time you read about someone who makes a video which has a few million views on YouTube, consider that what constitutes a view on YouTube, may only be the # of times a video is loaded. A load is NOT a true view. For some of one’s own videos on Vimeo, in the stats for Vimeo Plus Members, there are two major stats listed, namely the number of times the video was loaded & the actual views themselves. The load #s are usually larger & often 8 to 10 Times larger than the actual recorded view #s. The numbers are sometimes the same, but more often than not, the Load #s are much greater. Thus, YouTube Actual Views, as based on how Vimeo, Viddler, Dailymotion & count their numbers, may be considerably smaller.

YouTube Views Are Inflated

18 Dec
Just so crazy, but through Vimeo, views are views & loads are loads. What YouTube is doing is counting the load #s as views. Load #s usually tend to be larger, so Google is inflating the view#s through what Vimeo & other services call loads. Disingenuous!


16 Dec
Uploads quickly to Vimeo. It has done well during initial upload. Also shares with iTunes, Facebook & YouTube as well as CNN iReport.


15 Dec

Promotion For Knights Of Columbus Int’l Free Throw-Msgr Sherman Council 5103 20th Anniversary Edition, over, &

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