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Audio of Tridentine Latin Mass

5 Jul

Initially carried live from St. Agnes RC Church in Midtown Manhattan, upto the Homily on the Gospel according to St. Mark, in regards to The Miracle of The Loaves and Fishes.
In the Epistle of St. Paul, when we are baptized, we Die to Sin With Jesus Christ.

Deo Gratias


The Star Spangled Banner 4th Verse

4 Jul

Most Catholic Video Content To Be Live

4 Jul

You Tube, which is so “2005”, is overcrowded with anything and everything.
If I do a Short Catholic Themed Video, it will go over both Dailymotion and Vimeo, as more intelligent viewers tend to head there.
In fact, most Catholic Themed Events will be telecast live via Bambuser, Veetle and Streamago(Streamera).
There will also be Audio Streaming via Spreaker Studio over Facebook and Google+.

New Technology to get “The Word” out there. Louie Verrecchio uses Vimeo, where there is Intelligent Audiences out there, as well as better quality. And lately, some Knights of Columbus Councils are actually using Dailymotion. I use both services.

You Tube is so “Yesterday.” A Two Part Video called “The Visiting Priest” has loads of viewers on Dailymotion, yet was all but ignored on You Tube, “The Digital Idiot Box”, laced with junk, just like on the TV Networks. I just don’t like competing with Videos about Flatulent Cats.

I think you get the idea. Just because some former FOX News Producer broadcasts from a Warehouse Studio in The Detroit Suburb of Ferndale, MI, doesn’t mean that I have to do the You Tube thing. That’s his business.

And there will be audiences of a more thinking nature.


Web Telecasts And Android Lollipop

3 Jul

Testing Bambuser, the View is much more clear. The same can be said for Veetle and Streamera(Streamago).

It looks like Android Lollipop 5.0.2 is a Web Broadcaster’s Dream System.And so do Audiocasts via Spreaker Studio.


Tomorrow On Internet Radio & Internet Television

27 Jun

Latin Mass from St. Agnes on East 43rd Street Midtown Manhattan at 1100 EDT(1600 GMT) Live on Spreaker Studio

At 1700 EDT(2200 GMT), on Veetle(aroamingcatholicny Channel), Mass of Installation of Parish Administrator of Holy Child Jesus RC Church in Richmond Hill, NY.

Deo Gratias!


Live Internet Audio Spreaker Studio Returns

23 Jun

So does aroamingcatholicny channel on Spreaker for Live Catholic Events in the New York City Area, as well as commentary.
Internet Radio, noncommercial, returns.

Vivat Christus Rex


The “You Tube” Era Is So Passe’

7 Jun

The Era of “Farting Howard Stern Stars” is over. Taking Videos of Guys who want a whack on their butts for $40, is passé. Live is the way to go.
I knew that this landscape was changing back in 2011, with the Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship taking a turn at Vimeo & Dailymotion. It was the 1st Ever Time for that You Tube Staple to appear in HD 720p on a Video Sharing Service not named You Tube, as the Dailymotion Feed was carried over Radio Tele Luxembourg’s Belgian Web Service, a company which owns Fremantle, who owns such shows as American Idol and Britain’s Got Talent. Unfortunately, some smart alecky Brat with a You Tube Fixation, had the Vimeo Feed ripped down, but the fact that this competition got great exposure outside of You Tube, proves that You Tube is not the Only Platform.
Now one can telecast an event over the Web & Not Sweat It. One does not have to be one of the Four Big Television Networks to go worldwide. The K of C Free Throw went live on February 5th as experiment on the Web, originating from Queens, NY. Like the Dailymotion Feed, it came via smartphone and is fed to Social Media. That Live Feed is on stationsquarestudios on Veetle.
I just decided to think differently. Maybe THAT will catch on.


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