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A Potential World Series In Common

17 Oct

The NY Mets & Toronto Blue Jays have a Couple of Things in common:
One is that both clubs are Expansion Teams, with The Mets beginning play in 1962 & The Blue Jays in 1977.
The Other thing in common is the Services of One Ronald Wesley Taylor, Canadian.
For in 1969, Game Two, Ronald Wesley Taylor saved Game Two of the 1969 World Series for NY Mets Pitcher Jerry Koosman.
Today, Toronto’s Team Physician is Ronald Wesley Taylor, MD.

You cannot make THIS Story Up, Eh.

M, Eh!

Kyrie Elaison

A Death, Bill Belichik, A Call From Above

4 Feb

Ann Mara died. She is the Widow of Wellington Mara. A moment of Silence was held before Super Bowl XLIX.

For Bill Belichik stood solemnly for this moment, as he was once a Giants Assistant Coach under Bill Parcells in the Glory Times of the Middle 1980s-Early 1990s. Belichik understood the World of “Mara Tech” quite well. For he looked as if his Bravado was gone. He even appeared with what appeared to be a tear in his eye.

It was a moment few, if any, would notice, if any at all. But I took notice of this 3 Days Ago, especially since Sunday, February 1st was Super Bowl Sunday.

It was as if Bill was in meditative prayer mode when the NFL made the announcement.

And in “Mara Tech” Style, Belichik was victorious.

Pete Carroll was not from “Mara Tech.”

M, Eh!

The Maritimes Are Facing The Brunt Of The Blizzard

28 Jan

Dear New York Metro Area:
With only a foot of Snow, you got off easy.
But New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, well they are getting Walloped by this storm.
One wonders if this is a foretelling of what may occur at Super Bowl XLIX, score Wise.
About a Metre and One Half is expected in those areas.
New England got walloped today. Is this a sign that Belichik and Company will meet a Similar Fate?
The answer is Sunday at 6pm(7:30pm in Newfoundland)until the end of the game.
Meanwhile, New Yorkers got off easy.


The Free Throw Parodies Move To NBC Sports(Brutally Funny)

5 Sep

If one remembers that from the FOX Sports Version of The Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship, or “K of C Free Throw-MLB On FOX”, where Tim Mc Carver and Joe Buck were ripped more than “A New One”, this series was essentially a raucous send up of “MLB On FOX”, and the Fact that despite the mysterious appearances of Derek Jeter, A-Rod, Roger Clemens and other assorted Yankees which we Boston Red Sox Fans utterly despise, in addition to supplementary Broadcast Booths, it is Hilarious. Because the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Manhattan in 2015 will contain a group called OUT@NBCUniversal, it is time for NBC Sports to be paid Tribute in this manner.
My Advice to Vladimir Posner is “Duck.”


20 Years Since The Era Of No Smartphones Nor Stanley Cups-Rangers Return

30 May

Boyle scored.  NY Rangers 1, Montreal Canadiens 0.
Rangers win Eastern Final 4 Games to 2.
Canada’s Public Broadcaster, CBC Television, will carry the Finals without s Canadian Based NHL Club. The last time was 2011, ending with Riots in Vancouver.

CBC will not be the Primary Broadcaster next Season, but will simulcast Rogers Sportsnet on Saturday Nights for 4 Seasons.

Time to sell CBC, eh!

M, Eh!

Crybaby Sidney Crosby-How Appropo

15 May

Have you been watching too many videos of Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez? Do you think that you are named Madonna? Are you a Diva like Lady Gaga? Do you relish the mere thought of being the target of a Rex Murphy Rant on “CBC News-The National”? Are my critiques going to be of a Genteel Sort? Frankly, my rants are along the lines of Mother Angelica, while she is ripping Bubha Clinton “A New One.” Just ask Roger Cardinal Mahony, how she has the ability to lay it on the line.
Whining about a Goaltender’s Water Bottle being too close to You? Are you trying to steal screen space from “Derek Jeter’s Farewell Tour?” Why is the NHL going along with a Penalty being called? Is it to rescue what is left of CBC’s Ratings? Why am I ripping you “A New One”, this way? Perhaps, you should ask Rex Murphy about “The New One”, he will rip you on “CBC News-The National.”
To the Guys on FOX News Show, “Red Eye”, I introduce you to the New North American Sports Diva, Sidney Crosby. He puts Jeter and A-Roid to Shame.
“Rip Sidney Crosby ‘A New One’, but good.”

M, Eh!

Vladimir Posner On NBC Sunday Night Football?

24 Feb

The 31st Winter Olympiad of Sochi 2014 in Russia, had an NBC Sports Sunday Night Football Theme to it, with Bob Costas  as In Studio Host, Al Michaels & Chris Collingswood in the Broadcast Booth, with Special Guest Commentator Vladimir Posner.
Vladimir Posner was the English Language Voice of the Now Defunct Union of The Soviet Socialist Republics(USSR). Later, he was a Show Host on CNBC and MSNBC.
Interesting NBC Booth! I can imagine this trio on the Premiere of Sunday Night Football.
Only Time Will Tell!



More Snow Tuesday Should Wrap It Up In NY-Rain Tuesday In Sochi

16 Feb

We’re up to our pippicks in snow. Meanwhile rain is predicted for Sochi on Tuesday.
But for NYC by Thursday, low 40s means melting of ice and snow.

The warmth will feel good.


Not One Day Below Or At Freezing Is Sochi

13 Feb

18°C(64°F) & 11°C(52°F) is tomorrow’s Weather in Sochi.

I can’t wait for Tuscon2022 Games of the Winter Olympiad. It will be almost as warm there as in Sochi.

Who in the IOC got paid off but good?


17.22°C(63°F) In Sochi, Tomorrow

12 Feb

Tomorrow, Skiing Events will have Skiers sweating like they’re in Florida in June, in Sochi.

2022 Winter Olympics in Tuscon, Anyone?


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