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Test Run Of Videofyme

18 Sep

Just Getting The Gist Of WordPress

18 Sep

And certain things will be added such as Video Links. Once one figures out the WordPress App, it is smooth sailing.

No K of C Free Throw Coverage On

17 Sep
That Pile of JUNK called YouTube. I don’t need assorted spammers & illiterates coming to the site.
Looks like this-My Posterous Blog will carry the Initial Coverage beginning with the the Video being exported here.
The Blog, Marshmac’s Posterous will carry the coverage. I like the fact that this is becoming a more social blog space.
Besides, YouTube is Low Rent.


14 Sep

This is an app for Blackberry, Android & iOS devices. One can produce a video & monetise that video.
This will begin this evening with a Programme of Celtic Based Folk Music from Babylon, Suffolk County, New York, an Eastern Suburb of New York City. Enjoy it as much as I enjoy bringing it to you.

9/11: Day That Changed the World

12 Sep

WHY No YouTube 09/11 Coverage From Me

12 Sep
Let me put this to you: it is difficult to compete with videos depicting the Crashing Of Planes into Both Towers of The World Trade Centre, The Pentagon & into a ditch in Shanksville, PA, over & over again.
YouTube is also for the various sensationalists, who get their thrills out of watching these things, in addition to laughing like Hyenas at acts of utter stupidity, or watching entertainment with no substance. Programmes of Substance are often eschewed.
A Simple But Beautiful Memorial Gathering, does NOT deserve to be dumped into the proverbial trash, by joining the YouTube Lineup.
It is WHY my 09/11 Coverage is on, where there is a sensible & creative community.

Just How Many Rex Murphy Videos Are Pirated?

12 Sep
Rex Murphy, a known Canadian Broadcasting Corporation(CBC) Commentator, appears on YouTube, giving his views on political & social matters, on “CBC News-The National”.
His segment, called ” Rex Point Of View”, can be downloaded at iTunes.
Well, somebody has been downloading Rex’ Commentary on iTunes & then uploading this commentary to YouTube. The segments appear under another person’s name & that name isn’t CBC, but a downloader, who then uploads the commentary as his/her own.
Yet, the site,, have a series of interviews in HD, with Rex Murphy, on, which are of very high quality. Watching Rex on the iTunes downloads is watching on HD & watching on & is way better than watching low grade versions on YouTube.
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