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Two Best Monthly Phone Plans

31 Jan

Neither is a Contract Plan. Both are plans from a Sprint Subsidiary. And you will get plenty for your money.
In both those plans, you will buy your phones. But you will save over that Contract Plan, where the phones come with the contract, but you save on all those annoying fees and taxes, like the MTA Tax.

I have Virgin Mobile, part of Sprint. I didn’t buy into it for Rock Music. But I do like it for pretty good service plans. Virgin Mobile has two of the best plans for what one may need.
The 1st Plan is for US$20, giving the customer unlimited calling minutes and unlimited text messaging. But to use the web, one must go to a place with Wireless Fidelity. The Only thing here added on is Sales Tax to the monthly fee. But one has to buy a wireless phone, like Android, iPhone or Windows Phone. The phones aren’t subsidized like the Contract Phones are. But you do get a plan comparable to a contract plan.
Another rather good plan is for US$35 where one has a choice between 2.5GB of 4G LTE High Speed Data, plus Wireless Fidelity at your favorite coffee shops and book stores, Unlimited Texting, 300 Calling Minutes and Unlimited 3G Data. The 2nd US$35 Plan is for 500MB of 4G LTE Data, Unlimited Calling, Text and 3G Data.
In NYC, the Sales Tax is added on, so the $20 Plan is $21.80, while the $35 plan is $38.11.
Not bad, in fact, it’s Great.

M, Eh!

More Snow On The Way

31 Jan

More Snow on way on Super Bowl on Sunday.
It figures. It’s Winter.


Top 10 Parental Complaints At Annual Knights Of Columbus Free Throw

29 Jan

From the Home Office in Forest Hills, Queens, NY, Heeeeere We Go:
#10: My children’s video highlights available at “FOX On Demand. What?”
#9: “Joe Buck, Tim Mc Carver, Derek Jeter? My Wife just puked”;
#8:Disgusted Parent demands explanation for switch from iTunes to Netflix”;
#7: Parent demands explanation of “What are those Vitamins A-Rod is pushing on the sidelines”;
#6: Parents want to know why competition was switched to ESPN Sunday Night at 8:07PM and available for $5.99 on Google Play Movies;
#5: Parents in Howard Beach, Queens, being watched by the FBI, for plans to make DVDs of their child’s performance, from stolen NBC Sports Feed, arranged by Bill “The Deflator” Belichick;
#4:Parents paying $9.95 for “The Frank App” to watch competition with advisory that if you complain, Frank warns them in a loud voice “If you want your money back, you’re wasting your time and mine, since you’re stupid enough to buy this app”;
#3: Parent from Country Club Section of The Bronx complains that “Whose the Fegula who put exclusive coverage on Vimeo? He’ll end up with Joe Namath Style Knees for that”;
#2: Mom in Forest Hills, Queens, complains that she can’t see her child’s highlights due to CBC Sports Exclusive Coverage for Canada, until released to, commentary by Don Cherry;
#1: Parents whine about 12 Year Old Boy, in Astoria, for using the Services of Roger Clemens’ Personal “Trainer.”

This is in reaction to outrageous antics of Parents who used to show up at these competitions over the years.
About 4 Years Ago around this time, the 1st Official Round from Forest Hills, Queens, was seen on You Tube, Dailymotion,, Vimeo, VodPod, Viddler, Facebook, Twitter, AOL Video and, Blogger and Sports Interactive).
The 4th Round, on Vimeo, Dailymotion, VodPod and You Tube, drew several thousand viewers, especially on Vimeo. Also, and carried coverage.
It was Official Round II from East Glendale, Queens, when Radio Tele Luxembourg, carried portions of the Dailymotion Feed. RTL is Europe’s largest privately held tv network. This was on the website of in Belgium.

Competition seen in 80 Nations.

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Starbucks & Tim Horton’s

29 Jan

Tim Horton once played NHL Hockey in Toronto and New York. He opened a chain of Strong Coffee Shops in Ontario.
Starbucks is named for a work of fiction. Coffee at Starbucks is rather fancy.
Starbucks was founded by a kid, in Seattle, Washington, who came from the Canarsie, Section of Brooklyn NY.

And to Rex Murphy, the founder of Starbucks, grew up in Brooklyn. You got a problem with that, eh?


What Pope Francis & Warner Bros Have In Common

29 Jan

“Scwewy Wabbits!”

And. Will Mark Shea & Michael Voris be saying “It’s just another bad translation. That’s All, Folks?”

His Holiness had just upheld Blessed Pope Paul VI’s 1968 Encyclical, “Humanae Vitae”, when He mentioned that an Argentinian Woman had 8 Children, that Pope Francis as Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio, rebuked because the woman had 7 Cesarian Births.
In his defense of the Encyclical, in another “Off The Cuff” Crack to Those who uphold Catholic Teaching, Pope Francis told the flock not to mate like Rabbits.
Peter Cottontail and Bugs Bunny could not be reached for comment.

Please, this is so asinine by His Holiness. While Voris may accuse Father Thomas Rossica of another bad translation of another Idiotic Papal Statement, His Holiness has repeated his thoughts, Thoughtlessly.


M, Eh!

Free On The TTC??

29 Jan

I received a report about free public transport rides from the TTC. This is the Toronto Transport Commission. Children, ages 12 and younger, would be the recipients of this generosity.

Do understand that Toronto has a New Mayor, who came up with this “Grand Scheme.” But how would this be implemented? Rob Ford, in all his lunacy as Mayor of Toronto, would never implement such a Scheme as this. It sounds like the Half Fare Senior Cards in New York City, when 1st Implemented in the Early 1970s.

Now I do remember an incident from the 2000 Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship in Ozone Park at Saint Mary Gate of Heaven School. There was an age dispute between two 12 Year Old Girls during a Five Shot Playoff Round. One Girl was Older Looking than the other. The Older Looking One won this round. The Legitimate 12 Year Old, who would turn 13 Later in 2000, would lose to someone a full 2 Years Older, actually had proof of her age, when a Year Later, the Older Looking One was turning 16 Years Old. She had no proof of her age.

So, in regards to the 12 & Younger Free Rides, how will this be handled?

Documentation will have to be produced for this to work. And will the TTC be able to handle this?

Fuggedibowdit as we say in Brooklyn. Either all or none ride free. In both cases, think of the bureaucratic tangles avoided.
There is No such thing as a Free Ride.

The TTC story is from CBLA FM 99.1, CBC Radio One Toronto.
Thanks, Eh!

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Mo’, Later!

28 Jan

Checking my Weather sources, more snow due overnight in New York Area.

It’s New York Winter.

M, Eh!