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A Death, Bill Belichik, A Call From Above

4 Feb

Ann Mara died. She is the Widow of Wellington Mara. A moment of Silence was held before Super Bowl XLIX.

For Bill Belichik stood solemnly for this moment, as he was once a Giants Assistant Coach under Bill Parcells in the Glory Times of the Middle 1980s-Early 1990s. Belichik understood the World of “Mara Tech” quite well. For he looked as if his Bravado was gone. He even appeared with what appeared to be a tear in his eye.

It was a moment few, if any, would notice, if any at all. But I took notice of this 3 Days Ago, especially since Sunday, February 1st was Super Bowl Sunday.

It was as if Bill was in meditative prayer mode when the NFL made the announcement.

And in “Mara Tech” Style, Belichik was victorious.

Pete Carroll was not from “Mara Tech.”

M, Eh!

“The Church of(Who Said It is)Nice”

30 Jun

With a Liturgy which contains “Music”, which should be condemned as Torture by the Geneva Convention, one wonders WHY few people say anything about it. When My Most Dear Friend refers to it as “Treacle, Vomit, Barf and Puke”, you know that “The Church of(Who Said It is)Nice”, is at Worship, much of The Worship is of SELF.

Two Years Ago, a Young Man brought multiple Musical Talents to a Middle to Upper Middle Class Neighborhood in Central Queens. He even formed a Young Teen Group which plays Classical Music and also sings Gregorian Chant. This helped increase attendance in theĀ  Ordinary Form of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass.

The Mass of The Ordinary Form, took on the Aspect of Sacrifice and Supplication. More people came to Mass. There was an Absence of “Treacle, Vomit, Barf and Puke.” It had an aire of a certain Catholic Church, located on Venerable Archbishop Fulton J Sheen Place in Midtown Manhattan(E43 if you are keeping Score).

“Die Kaffe Klatsch Putsch”:
With The Pastor on Holiday, a Cell of Ecclesiastical Pharisees, with about all of the Musical Talent of “The Spice Girls”(Read NONE), waited for the Pastor, a Very Tall Priest, who could tell people just how many Centimetres the Mole Hill was on the site of what is now Barnes and Noble on Austin Street, to go on Holiday, so that these “Advocates For The Children”, could begin their “Whispering Campaign.”
This was NOT about “The Children”, for this was about certain adults for they wanted their watered down Liturgy to return.

Attendance is DOWN unto the point where the participation at the Easter Vigil found several rows in the Parish Church to be empty. The “Church of(Who Said It is)Nice”, have their “Triumph.”

But the trick is filling the pews and keeping them filled. So far, that isn’t happening and, trust me, WON’T.

Who said “The Church of Nice” is Nice? It is all about SELF.

M, Eh!

67 Years Ago Today At Bedford Avenue and Sullivan Place A Man Wore #42

15 Apr

The Brooklyn Dodgers had their Home Opener at Ebbets Field.  Jackie Robinson played his 1st Game.
A child who would later own the Chicago White Sox, one Jerome Reinsdorf, was at this historic game.
Baseball’s Colour Line was broken.

Yet, it was 1972, 25 Years after Jackie’s Historic 1st Game. For the 1st of “The Boys Of Summer” had passed on. Gil Hodges was a Member of the 1955 World Championship Brooklyn Dodgers as 1st Baseman. In 1969, he managed the World Championship NY Mets.
For a greying man of colour was exiting a vehicle outside of Our Lady Help of Christians Roman Catholic Church on Avenue M in Brooklyn. He was going through Blindness as he exited the vehicle. This was in April, 1972.
#42, Jackie Robinson was seem. A frail and seriously ill man, a far cry from the Player who stole Home Plate in the 1955 World Series, he needed help to enter the Parish Church, where Gil Hodges Lay In State. The Brooklyn Dodgers decamped for Los Angeles, 15 Years Earlier.
#42, Jackie Robinson died in October, 1972, 25 Years after his 1st Season and 1st World Series.

And he is remembered 67 years later, on a rainy, chilly day in the 5 Boroughs.

By the way, the Robinson’s Babysitter, built a monument in Jackie’s Memory, as part of a new stadium, located adjacent to where Shea Stadium used to be.
The new ball park, called Citi Field, is an exterior replica of Ebbets Field, with a huge Rotunda at the entrance.
The Rotunda, which replicates the Ebbets Field Rotunda, is a multimedia tribute to Jackie Robinson and named for him.

The Babysitte? Fred Wilpon, Principal Partner in the New York Mets.

Missing from this ball park is the trolley line which ran by Ebbets Field. An elevated line runs by the ball park now, called the 7 Train.

Strange, but Ebbets Field was once served by a Rapid Transit Line called the Franklin Brighton Line.
It was also
called The 7 Line.

Remember this day for Baseball and life changed.


Alex Rodriguez-Media Enabler-Baseball Pariah

13 Jan

It was the 2005 Major League Baseball Season. In 2004, the Boston Red Sox stunned the living s–t out of the NY Yankees, by being down 3-0 in the American League Championship Series & taking the ALCS 4 Games to 3. During Game 6 at Yankee Stadium, A Rod laid down a Sacrifice Bunt to advance Derek Jeter to 2nd Base.
But, as is his ego in wanting to be the Star of The Show, A Rod committed an act of both selfishness and Stupidity. He slapped the ball out of Red Sox Pitcher Bronson Arroyo’s Glove.

Bronson, not Brandon Arroyo. FOX Sports Lead Baseball Analyst, (The Now Retired) Tim Mc Carver, kept calling Bronson, Brandon.

Alex Rodriguez, after a near riot in Yankee Stadium II, after Umpire Discussion, was called out for Interference. Derek Jeter was sent back to 1st Base.
The Next Day, A-Jerk became the subject of Ridicule, becoming the poster boy for Photoshop. His photos showed him slapping the ball out of Arroyo’s Glove, while he carried a Black Purse, wore high heels, wearing a Hamburger Helper’s Mitt. He was intensely ridiculed. Trust me, he deserved it.

But during the 2005 Season, there was a Battle for American League Most Valuable Player. David “Big Papi” Ortiz and A Rod played this all Season. While David had more Game Winning Hits than A Rod & key runs batted in, because Ortiz was primarily a Designated Hitter, the Writers also knowing that Alex Rodriguez was capable of more news for their papers, especially in New York, A Rod got MVP.

Alex Rodriguez is Big Money & Grievous Scandal. That he took Steroids in The Dugout and was looked into on “60 Minutes”, tells me about the “Ultimate ME Player.” But it also says a lot about Print & Electronic Media. A-Rod is Commodity to the News Business. They have their Jackpot. 

I think that Puking is not a bad idea. I hope that A Rod will treat me to a Bottle of Pepto Bismol.

We could all use it.


A Day At The “La Boheme” Opera & Sing A Long & Rehearsal

13 Jan

It was a day of Live Telecast History. People were & still are watching.
Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church in Forest Hills, NY, is something of an Artistic Center. That was the usual function of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs at Ascan Avenue & Queens Blvd with their Christmas & Spring Concerts. For Mercy was the Suffragen Parish, while Martyrs was “The Show.” But that has changed in the last several months, since the Arrival of Maestro Joe Martin from Woodhaven, Queens.
Helen Van Tine-Golden, a long time Mercy Parishioner, who still says BMT, IRT & Independent, as in Subway Lines, heads the Golden Rose Opera Company &, like me, is a Native of Brooklyn, NY. It is through Helen & Joe Martin, that I received permission to Live Web-Telecast the “La Boheme Sing A Long & Rehearsal on

The Mainline Telecast is 2Hours & 16Minutes. People are watching. I worked from a # of different broadcast angles. Let me say that even with a bad neck, it was comfortable to work this Telecast on the web.
Now it is time to send all the Promotional emails to the cast. That will grow the audience.

Doing this is an experience, in that it was all done on an Android Smartphone & Veetle App. It sure beats lugging around Heavy Equipment. 2014 is not 2000.


On The 1st Ballot To Baseball’s Hall Of Fame, Congratulations To Tommy Glavine, 300 Game Winning Pitcher

8 Jan

I want to say this to New York Mets Fans who are still whining about 2007:
Don’t Blame Tom Glavine, who had a bad outing at the End of 2007 Season;
Do Blame that “Rocket Scientist”, Jeffy Wilpon for forcing the Signing of Washed Up Reliever Scott Schowenweis, just so Jeffy could get even with Mets Manager Willie Randolph, over a Contract Extension. Blame JEFFY for the dismantling of the Bullpen.

Leave Tom Glavine  Alone. He did win #300 in a Mets Uniform.

A Classy Guy like Tommy Glavine, deserves this award.

Of Irish Descent, Catholic & from The Boston Metropolitan Area, Slainte.

Tom, who pitched primarily for the Atlanta Braves, was a High NHL Draft Pick for the LA Kings in the 1st Round, years ago.

Great Accomplishment!


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