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Catholic school breaks athletic ties with Evangelical school that sought exemption from non-discrimination policy on gays : News Headlines – Catholic Culture

6 Mar

Funny but Gordon College is following Traditional Catholic Teaching while Catholic Emmanuel College is not.

Have certain Catholic Institutions, in practice, ceased being Catholic?


The Consecration Translation In English Was Not A Problem In The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

31 Mar

As the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is one of 23 Sui Juris Churches which make up One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, it practices in the Byzantine Rite.  As I was at the Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom at St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church on East 7th Street in the East Village, I followed the Consecration of The Blood of Christ in English, with the Priest, The Very Reverend Canon Bernard Panchuk OSBM, facing East. This I have no problem with, as one who often attends the Latin(Roman)Rite Tridentine Latin Mass of The Roman Missal of 1962, where the Priest also faces East.  As he pronounced the Words of Consecration, the words “For Many” were proclaimed. “For Many” is now proclaimed, due to a revised translation, of the Latin, as “Pro Multis” means “For Many”, as from the word Multis, we get words like Multiple, Multi, and Multiplication. So, “Many” is appropriate as Translation.
In the Book of The Catholic Liturgy of St John Chrysostom and St Basil Martyr, the Consecration of The Blood words read “For Many”, but this Book from Basilian Press has a Copyright of 1988.
So, if a Catholic of The Latin Rite wanted to hear the words “For Many”, he or she would have to go to the Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom or St. Basil Martyr, in English. This Sui Juris Church maintained the true meaning from The Latin in regards to the Consecration. The Assorted Modernists were basically having a field day over in the Latin(Roman)Rite, translating “Pro Multis”, into “For All.”
The Byzantine Rite Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church kept “And With Your Spirit”, as translated from “Et Cum Spiritu Tuo.” This I also saw in the 1988 Divine Liturgy Book. Those in the Latin(Roman)Rite Ordinary Form Mass, saw a Humanistic Interpretation, reading “And Also With You”, which is used by the Evangelical Lutheran Communities in America and the Broad Church Episcopalians and Methodists. Whereas “And With Your Spirit”, pays tribute to the Sacrificing Priesthood, these other bodies don’t believe in the Eucharist as Sacrifice, hence no necessity for the Priesthood. Other Evangelical Christians also say “And Also With You.”
It was November of 1967, when Priests were given permission to offer the Roman Canon Consecration Prayers aloud. An update to “Pro Multis”, came in the 1st Sunday of Advent. The Words “For All” were uttered during the Consecration. The Modernists struck a blow. This gave rise to the Early Latin Mass Traditionalist Movement. This is all in the Latin(Roman)Rite of The Catholic Church.  The Folk Mass, forerunner of The Treacle Mass Movement, was underway. And many of The Catholic Faithful stopped going to Mass, became Episcopalians and Lutherans, or discovered the Byzantine Rite of The Catholic Church.
But, this “Dynamic Translation” into English, created less of a Catholic Atmosphere in the Latin(Roman)Rite. An example is in this prayer:
“Domine Non Sum Dignus, Ut Intres Sub Tecum Meum, Sed Tantum Dic Verbo, Et Sanabitur Anima Mea”, which is “Lord, I am not worthy that You should come under my roof, but only say The Word & My Soul Shall be Healed.”
But the “Dynamic Translation”, left the Spiritual Supernatural out of the Prayer, reading “Lord, I am not worthy to receive You, but only say The Word and I shall be healed”, as if the Soul never existed.
I can see WHY many Latin Mass Traditionalists often went to the Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom. Even when offered in English, it was the correct translation.
And there are no Folk Masses nor bad music being sung. The Mass Propers and certain prayers are sung, with one hymn sung at the start of Mass.
I like that far better than the 4 Hymn Sandwich being sung now.  This is a SACRED Event. It is True Church Liturgy. It awes. It inspires. It is not full of distractions.  I need to go more often to it than once per month.
And to think that this Liturgy was under our noses while we suffered through the bad translations all these years. I am overjoyed to be discovering this part of One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. The Catholic Church, as My Most Dear Friend is known to say, has everything, including East and West.
Deum De Deo, Lumen De Lumine!


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