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Watch “Episcopalian Catholics”(Michael Voris)

30 Apr

Episcopalian Catholics:

NBA commissioner bans Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life

30 Apr

Figuring Bambuser Live Video Streaming

29 Apr

Cultural Programming will be fed to Facebook and Google+, with emphasis on Google+. This includes Chamber Music, which came from Forest Hills, Queens, NY.
Documentary on St. Agnes Boys High School, called “STAGS GONE-An Essay”, will be exclusively via Facebook and tumblr. Tumblr will also be fed from Bambuser for all events. Tumblr will also take Facebook Stream.
Twitter will link all web telecasts from Bambuser.
From Veetle, Facebook and Twitter will carry stream or link to stream. Veetle will also be carried via Google+ & tumblr.

M, Producer Eh!

Bambuser | Video “STAGS Gone-An Essay”

28 Apr

Switch @ Last Minute, Live

28 Apr

As last evening’s Web Telecast was supposed to be on Veetle, which is great for Cultural Programming, Transmission was interrupted by the Signal not connecting to Veetle.

Plan B is always a good idea, so was tested and the Transmission via Bambuser live video streaming was done. The views are mostly from Post Telecast Replay.
But, Bambuser is mostly a News Network unlike Veetle, so Plan C will be, utilizing the Android Broadcaster App, which will be Downloaded, for Broadcasts to be carried in the event of another Veetle Failure, this coming Sunday Afternoon at 2PM ET(1900 GMT).

Plan for Special School Closed Show today for Veetle. It should work, with Bambuser as Backup.

M, Eh!

Sainthood for two former popes

28 Apr

Rachmaninoff and Rap

28 Apr

Chamber Music From Forest Hills Queens NY

28 Apr

Chamber Music & A Rap Song

28 Apr

“Dominus Meus Et Deus Meus”(My Lord & My God)

27 Apr

When One of The Eleven Apostles, Thomas(His Name Means Twin) finally appeared in the Upper Room, he doubted the Words of the other Apostles, he finally met Jesus. The Christ asked Thomas to probe the marks made in His Hands and the Wound in His Side.
Thomas exclaimed the Words “My Lord & My God”, words often used after the Consecrations of the Bread and Wine into The Body & Blood, Soul & Divinity of Jesus Christ.
It is not Fair to sheerly think of St. Thomas The Apostle as “Doubtong Thomas”, for Thomas once said in one of the Gospels, in reference to both Jesus and Martyrdom, “Let us Follow Him so that we may die With Him.”
St. Thomas Apostle went as far east as India, then the furthest East that Christ’s Church has ever travelled. The Syro Malankar and Syro Malabar Eastern Catholic Churches are as the Result of Christ as Vine and Thomas as one of The Branches.
For Today, Two Successors of The Apostles, Popes John XXIII(Angelo Roncalli) & John Paul II(Karol Woytyla)have just been Canonized Saints of One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Also, as well, a Spanish Born Jesuit Priest who was a Bishop of Potuguese Speaking Brazil, has also been Canonized as a Saint. Saint John XXIII’s Feast Day will be October 11th, the day when the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council was opened.
I can say that I have seen St. John Paul II in person 4 Times, all in Queens and Manhattan. It sure was A Miraculous Event that on October 4th, 1979, wherever He stopped, so did the Severe Rainstorms. His Comment at Shea Stadium is telling, true and Funny. He spoke these words:
“You Have Very Special Weather Here.”

By the way, I actually knew the Priest, who handled the details at Shea Stadium. Last year, after a bad fall in the Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs Rectory, where the Priest was Pastor from 2000 to 2012 and Administrator until 2013, Monsignor Joseph Angelo Funaro passed away on the Morning of August 14th, 2013.

Remember Monsignor Joseph Funaro today in your Prayers, for without his organizational skills, The Papal Visit of 10/4/1979 may not have gone so smoothly.

Dominus Meus Et Deus Meus.
In Nomini Patris Et Filli, Et Spiritu Sancti, Amen.