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The New Graft(It Isn’t Your Grandfather’s Graft)

30 Jun

In other times, Graft was a more Individual form of Corruption. It is a variant of Nonfeasance, that is, not performing a certain duty. But, Graft did allow for Personal Benefit, especially to “Look The Other Way”, because it is profitable to do so. One former NYPD Chief of Department once bought a Major League Baseball Club, with a Partner, calling the former Baltimore Orioles, the Highlanders, who played in a ballpark in Upper Manhattan called Hilltop Park. The Highlanders are now called The NY Yankees.
Graft was a very open thing until something called The Knapp Commission came along. One learned about an Honest Cop named Frank Serpico and a Crooked One named William Phillips Jr.. Then, Law Enforcement Profession Graft disappeared, supposedly.
But, it was OVERT Graft which disappeared. There is a thriving kind of Graft which exists COVERTLY. It consists of Cunning, Barrister School Graduates who passed the NY State Bar Examination.
In one such NYC Agency, a Director of Legal Division, called Chief Counsel, came up with a System on what language to put onto ECB Summonses. All of the Language was vague and confusing. That Chief Counsel left to start a Legal Practice to defend Clients who received these Vaguely Written Summonses. That guy made a nice dollar on his system. And so did those who wrote the summonses, as the summonses bounced like Super Balls.
But, two Serpico Types, one of whom wrote the Antidote to this system and the other, who presented it to 1 Police Plaza at a Compstat Meeting, were not popular with those who benefitted from passing bad paper.
The Agency feared the Antidote to the System which lined personal pockets. The Agency feared that the Reputation of The Agency was about to unravel. Actually, it did every time a conviction was made.

You see, the Barrister’s System saw to it that NYPD Officers on Vendor Units made motherlodes of Overtime for Crappy Work. Investigators from the Agency, also got fat paychecks from Overtime for passing this Dubious Paper. And there are the ones who sucked up to bosses who liked this system. For you see, THIS IS THE NOUVEAU GRAFT, which on the surface, looks like an Honest Day’s Work, but is not even close to it. Instead it is legally sanctioned Thievery.
The New Graft is a TEAM Thing, as Everyone on the Unit is expected to keep quiet and go along with this.
Unit Bosses reported upstairs on the huge productivity numbers, hiding all the negatives like how many summonses were dismissed.

But, with two Senior Investigators winning in Court, plans for destroying the two Senior Investigators were underway. Both were blacklisted in the Agency, Connivers were rewarded for being “Team Players”(Like the 1919 Chicago White Sox as their Model).

One of the Seniors died some years ago. I am the other Senior, currently Semi Retired on Disability. These Rascals saw to it that I couldn’t give a Deposition on two Rabbis under Federal Investigation, for fear of certain Bosses who were involved in the sabotage of another investigation which I had spearheaded, that these bosses string of Dishonesty would be discovered. These Rascals forced me onto “Sick Leave” so that these Rascals could continue to play whatever “Games” of Ill Gotten Gains would suit them.

But, one thing is that my conscience is clear and I can sleep nights.

And I do ask this question:
Are these People looking over their shoulders?
They, most likely, still are. Grafters always do.


“The Church of(Who Said It is)Nice”

30 Jun

With a Liturgy which contains “Music”, which should be condemned as Torture by the Geneva Convention, one wonders WHY few people say anything about it. When My Most Dear Friend refers to it as “Treacle, Vomit, Barf and Puke”, you know that “The Church of(Who Said It is)Nice”, is at Worship, much of The Worship is of SELF.

Two Years Ago, a Young Man brought multiple Musical Talents to a Middle to Upper Middle Class Neighborhood in Central Queens. He even formed a Young Teen Group which plays Classical Music and also sings Gregorian Chant. This helped increase attendance in theĀ  Ordinary Form of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass.

The Mass of The Ordinary Form, took on the Aspect of Sacrifice and Supplication. More people came to Mass. There was an Absence of “Treacle, Vomit, Barf and Puke.” It had an aire of a certain Catholic Church, located on Venerable Archbishop Fulton J Sheen Place in Midtown Manhattan(E43 if you are keeping Score).

“Die Kaffe Klatsch Putsch”:
With The Pastor on Holiday, a Cell of Ecclesiastical Pharisees, with about all of the Musical Talent of “The Spice Girls”(Read NONE), waited for the Pastor, a Very Tall Priest, who could tell people just how many Centimetres the Mole Hill was on the site of what is now Barnes and Noble on Austin Street, to go on Holiday, so that these “Advocates For The Children”, could begin their “Whispering Campaign.”
This was NOT about “The Children”, for this was about certain adults for they wanted their watered down Liturgy to return.

Attendance is DOWN unto the point where the participation at the Easter Vigil found several rows in the Parish Church to be empty. The “Church of(Who Said It is)Nice”, have their “Triumph.”

But the trick is filling the pews and keeping them filled. So far, that isn’t happening and, trust me, WON’T.

Who said “The Church of Nice” is Nice? It is all about SELF.

M, Eh!

Via Gold Plated Spoon, Not In The Hand

30 Jun

Some “Rocket Scientist”, who is a Latin Rite Modernist, once stated how the Ukrainians chafed while receiving Holy Communion, by not receiving it in the hand. Let me, charitably, explain why the Ukrainian Greek Catholics are not chafing over reception of Holy Communion. This should be interesting.
In the Byzantine Rite of The Catholic Church, Leavened Bread is changed into The Body of Christ and is mingled with The Blood of Christ, under the appearance of Wine. Leavened Bread represents The Risen Lord. One approaches Holy Communion ,”In Fear of The Lord and With Faith.”
As is Byzantine Catholic Practice, as to WHY The Most Blessed Sacrament of The Altar is served by the Priest on a Golden Spoon and dropped into one’s mouth, think of this as the Priest, as “Alter Christus”, feeding Christ’s Sheep. As Christ’s Body and Blood is so Sacred, He comes from His Throne, via Golden Communion Spoon, to feed The Faithful, under the Title of “Holy Gifts For Holy People.” One tilts the head back for The Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of The Christ to be dropped into one’s mouth, all without the Spoon touching the Communicants Lips.

To those who wonder why not put the Communion in one’s hand, via this Rite, well, one’s hand will be both Wet and Sticky. Also, since the Priests hands are Consecrated, they are able to offer The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass(Divine Liturgy).

The Ukrainians are not suffering because of no Communion In the hand. They have received both Body and Blood for hundreds of years.
As a Roman Catholic, I have received Holy Communion from the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. I am overjoyed to receive His Body and His Blood.
In the Hand? I am not a Priest.

M, Eh!

As To No Coverage of Priest’s Post Ordination Masses

30 Jun

It is a Day for a New Priest who needs time to adjust and for him to celebrate with Family and Friends.

So I gave him his space, choosing instead to head over these past two days to Tridentine Latin Mass of St. John XXIII and the Sunday Anticipation Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom. I prayed for him at those two Masses instead.

I pray that all is fine.


Greek Catholic Church, Latin Rite Catholic Church

29 Jun

Last Evening, it was the Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom in Holy Cross Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.
This Liturgy is a Most Interesting Form of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass. It is a True Prayer of Supplication. Absolutely No Junk is Sung. Marty Haugen and David Haas do not stand a chance in the Byzantine Rite. Besides, their Style of Liturgical Music would be declared to be Torture by the Geneva Convention. Hence, accordingto a Very Tall Priest who was raised on Manse Street in Forest Hills, Queens, “Camp Music”, in this case, as a certain NY Mets Television Commentator would say, is “Outta Here.”
For on the Third Sunday After Pentecost, it is called “The Sunday of The Christ, Lover of All Mankind.” For His Death on The Cross, His Mother Mary, called Theotokos(God Bearer), was at The Foot of The Cross, When He Died. This is the case of The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church of The Byzantine Rite. It is also Feast of The Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul. For on this day, the Apostle’s Fast is Broken, for Simon Peter tells The Christ that He is The Son of God.
For The Christ, He tells Simon Peter that “Thou Art Peter and Upon This Rock, I will Build My Church and The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail Against It.”
Where does Paul fit into it? He carries the Word in The Middle East.
Both Saints Peter and Paul die in Rome, with Peter Crucified upside down, while Paul is Beheaded.
The 1st Patriarch of Antioch is Saint Peter.
The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church is 22 Sui Juris Churches, But One Church.
Anytime I cross from Latin Rite to Byzantine Rite, I become fully aware of the Universality of The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. We as Catholics, have “Two Lungs”, East and West to breathe with. Not everything is in Latin, for the 1st 300 Years of The Catholic Church, the Official Language was Greek.
For worshipping God In Three Persons, is interesting in two Rites of One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.
Thank You Lord, I needed that. Strong Liturgy Inspires Divine Love. Mass was in Latin today, Truly Inspiring!

M, Eh!

Boy Scouts To March In The Square Peg In Round Hole Pride Parade In NYC

29 Jun

Okay, this is something where new language is employed to confuse people into thinking that something is Good, when it is not Good.
A Square Peg simply does not easily fit into a Round Hole, unless modification is made of the Square Peg and Round Hole.
Pride, in this case, leaves out the qualifying word, which is Gay.
Gay, in this case, does not connotate Joy or Happiness.

The Ultimate in Irony is occurring, with Boy Scouts marching in the Gay Pride Parade. Ditto, two rather Radical Roman Catholic Church Parishes are marching as well.

I just want to puke.

M, Eh!

The 2013 World Series Championship Boston Red Sox Trophy in NYCNYC

28 Jun