Guitar At A Missa Requiem

8 Sep

You may hear terms which date back before The Second Vatican Council in this Essay, as well as some Post Vatican Council II Terms.
For in the Time both before and during Vatican II before the 1st Sunday Of Advent in 1964, The Mass of Christian Burial or Mass of The Resurrection was called The Requiem Mass. It was a Deep Prayer for The Repose of The Soul of The Faithful Departed. The Priest wore Black Vestments and the Sacred Mass was offered in Latin, still the Unifying Language of One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. It IS Solemn and Beautiful.

There was a 9:45AM Requiem Mass for a Holy Child Jesus Parishioner.
From the 1st Sunday Of Advent in 1964, Some Vernacular Use came into service in the Tridentine Form of Mass. Priests offering Mass were told that they could now wear White instead of Black Vestments.
At the 9:45AM Requiem Mass, Fr Francis Colemaria, Administrator of Holy Child Jesus Roman Catholic Church, wore the Classical Black Vestments of The Requiem Mass. I haven’t seen a Priest do that in 50 Years.

Like on ESPN this evening, in which Monday Night Football kicks off with a Doubleheader, it was Back to Back Requiem Masses at Holy Child Jesus Roman Catholic Church. At 10:45AM, the Requiem Mass for Marge Duffy, began with a Huge Throng of Mourners.
The Requiem Mass was concelebrated with Fr. Francis Colemaria as Primary Celebrant. Concelebrators were Auxiliary Bishop Octavio Cisneros, Pastor of Holy Child Jesus Roman Catholic Church, Fr Daniel Murphy, who is a Pastor of a Parish in Park Slope, Brooklyn and onetime Pastor of H C J and the Very Reverend Francis Shannon, Pastor of Blessed Sacrament in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, where Marge was Baptized. Fr Shannon is Ancient Order of Hibernians Queens Division 14 Chaplain, as the Division meets at Holy Child Jesus Leonard Center, the former Convent. Marge’s Widower, Bernard Duffy, is an active member of AOH Division 14.
Also present on the Altar was Deacon Jeremiah Schwarz. His son Ray was present as well.

Except for the playing of Dan Schutte’s “City of God” and Jan Michael Joncas’ “Classic”, the “Ghastly” “On Eagles Wings”(A term coined by the Redoubtable Latinist Fr Joseph F Wilson), and the Singing of the Responsorial Psalm, “The Lord Is My Shepherd”, accompanied by a Guitarist(that being the most bizzare action to date at a Requiem Mass), the Beautiful Marian Hymns, “Ave Maria”(Hail Mary in Latin), “Our Lady of Knock”, in English, followed by “The Peace Prayer of St. Francis Of Assisi”(in English) & “Pie Jesus”(Latin-Gregorian Chant Prayer from Requiem Masses in past years, now sung by Popular Vocalists), was the Music used.

This style of Mass, 1st called “Novus Ordo Missae”, in the famous Letter of Cardinal Ottaviani, called “The Ottaviani Intervention”, in June, 1969, is known for Novelty, but a Guitar in Use at a Requiem Mass, sends me flying over the Edge.

What amazes me today is “Prayers of The Faithful-General Intercessions”, which are variations of The Litanies of The Antiphons, chanted in the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom, without the Beauty of The Liturgy or of The Chants themselves.

For Marge was active in the Activities of The Parish of Holy Child Jesus, and today she belongs to the Ages.

Ora Pro Marge Duffy.

In Nomini Patris, et Filli, et Spiritu Sancti, Amen


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