Of The 6 Ministers, This One Has Experience Wrecking

13 Nov

The Very Reverend Ronald Jasper was Rector of Yorkminster Cathedral in North Yorkshire in England. He is mentioned in a book called “50 People Who Buggered Britain.”
He was a “Progressive”(Read as Destructive), who came up with a replacement liturgical book called the “Alternative Service Book”,which replaced the More Stately and Beautifully Written “Anglican Book of Common Prayer.”
It was said that the language was modern and simplistic and the music was utterly awful(Think “Vomit, Barf, Puke, (Bleep), Gross, Sick, Stupid and Pathetic”, hence you get the idea), which caused for a rather dramatic drop off in attendance.
You see, the Very Reverend Father Ronald Jasper, may actually be the Embodiment of what Catholics call “The True Father of The Novus Ordo Mass.” The English and Welsh experienced something far less than Holy and now they prefer Football on the Telly.

The Apple does not fall far from the tree. Bad Liturgy speaks not of God, but only of The Innovator, whose object of adoration is “The Self.”

For the Very Reverend Father Ronald Jasper was one of the 6 Protestant Ministers, involved with Msgr Annibale Bugnini, the Master Schemer who coordinated what is now offered as Mass on Sunday.

Both, you see, are into wrecking what works with the unworkable and unspeakable. To use a Major League Baseball analogy, is like the San Francisco Giants moving from AT & T Park to the icy, windy Candlestick Park, as few went to Candlestick Park, anyway.

People want to worship The Blessed Trinity in a Stately Manner, befitting God The Almighty. Innovations just don’t work.

Modernism is all about Self. Can you create a tree from thin air?

Kyrie Elaison!

M, Eh!


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