“This Music Is For The Children”(Sure!)

13 Aug

I know a Music Director who once formed a Classical Music Group in a Parish in A Queens, NY Middle Class Neighborhood. This was supposed to supply Classical Music and Gregorian Chant to the Monthly Teen Mass. This worked for about 3 Months. It was Beautiful.

But, there’s the Secularistic Styled Post Vatican II Clique. You know their Mantra of “All Are Welcome, except for Bach, Rachmaninoff, Sister Joan L. Roccasalvo, C S J  & Michael Voris.”
This Music Director, who is Classically Trained in Piano and Organ, was not into the Saccharine Muzak of Marty Haugen and Company. But The Status Quo Clique in the Queens Parish is into Saccharine Muzak.
But there, these Status Quo Saccharine Aficionados of “Artistic Vomitus”, which causes lengthy queues at Vomitariums(a Word of Greatest Disdain which comes from the Raging Musings of My Most Dear Friend), tell the world of The Parish that the purpose of doing away with the Programme of Chant, is for the sake of The Children, so they may be able to fully participate in the Singing in The Mass.
Actually “The Children”, that the Status Quo Clique speaks of, means that the Status Quo Clique are “The Children” in question. The Clique have NOTHING OF SUBSTANCE to offer to the Young People and they know it. The Music Director had a Programme which contributes to The Glory of God, but for the sake of the Failed Self Importance and Raging Jealousy of The Clique, the Faithful are forced to Render Vainglory to The Status Quo Clique, who protected The Youth from Beauty and Reason, for with The Clique, it is EMOTION which is all that is important.

Kyrie Elaison



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